EDITORIAL: NASA Strategy- Why The Nation Must Brace Itself


Greed for power and the mega bucks that come with it have effectively ripped the country into two. Effectively they have also set the country on a collusion course. A course that is already deadly as witnessed by brutal police killings and a violent rioting public.

Raila Odinga (L) & Uhuru Kenyatta (R)

Though the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s chairman Wafula Chebukati on Monday October 30th declared President Uhuru Kenyatta winner of the farcical October 26th, repeat presidential elections he set the stage for major political battles to come that may decide this country’s destiny.

The reaction by National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga On Tuesday October 31st, only confirms that the battle lines for a new front between NASA and Jubilee have already been set and the jaggernaught or blitzkrieg for change ready to roll.

What has clearly emerged is the fact that despite the Supreme Court ordering for a free, fair and credible election to be conducted within 60 days of its nullifying the August 8th, presidential election the repeat of the same were an extreme mockery of the entire process despite billions of shillings of tax payers money being wasted.

Indeed Chebukati is on record telling the country and the international community that IEBC as at the time of preparing to go to the polls which were hardly ten days away, was not in a position to give Kenyans free, fair and credible elections.

The critical issue being the fact that just like the country, the commission was completely ripped up in the middle. Some of the commissioners had already been compromised by the Jubilee top leadership including very senior managers of the commission, including its Chief Executive Officer Ezra Chiloba.

It must not be forgotten that immediately after the nullified polls Chebukati sent Chiloba an internal memo, though leaked out but with highly critical questions that to date have not and may never be answered, but exposed to what extend the IEBC had been compromised by the Jubilee forces.

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Indeed these forces are very deadly as witnessed by former IEBC Commissioner Roselyne Akombe who was forced to flee the country for her dear life, after sources said she witnessed Chebukati being forced at gun point before other IEBC members of staff not to resign when he was just about to do so at a scheduled press conference.

[wp_ad_camp_2] It was from the safety of a foreign country that she dared expose the deep rooted failures, divisions and weaknesses within the IEBC that rendered it completely incapable of conducting a free, fair and credible presidential election that is not compromised.

It goes without saying that the late Chris Musando, the former IEBC ICT was not so lucky to save his life from these deadly operatives who were clearly operating to serve the Jubilee top echelons interests in bagging the presidential seat for a second term.

Therefore the IEBC Monday declaration that President Kenyatta was winner of the October 26th, repeat presidential election was nothing other than the fact that Kenyatta had emerged winner of a sham election whose voter turn out was a historic low at just more than 7million out of the country’s 19 million registered voters translating to a mere 38 per cent.

The most critical question here is that does it mean that NASA leader Odinga who did not participate in the repeat polls could have bagged the rest of the millions of Kenyan Voters who did not participate after he told them to boycott them? Does it also mean that Kenyans are ready to continue being ruled by a “sham president”?

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The clear implications are that the country is divided into two Gikuyu Embu and Meru Association (GEMA) and Kalenjin dominated counties in central, Mt. Kenya and Rift Valley and the rest of the country – that is Western, Nyanza, Coast, Eastern and parts of North West and Eastern Kenya.

Indeed since independence these regions have been systematically isolated from the country’s leadership and therefore the equitable sharing of the national cake and resources. The ferocity with which the Jubilee leadership has fought to stay in power as it shattered the country into two is only the tip of an equally deadly ice-berg of what is at stake.

[wp_ad_camp_2] That is the multi-billion shillings contracts, tenders and all manner of businesses in which the national government is involved being the highest spender of any entity not comparable to any in the country.

Therefore it goes without question that indeed President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto are known to have spent hundreds of billions of shillings both in the run up to the August 8th  general elections and the October 26th repeat presidential farcical poll.

It is a well known fact that in regions like western Kenya with a gold mine of votes, defectors and defeats like former Funyula legislator Paul Otuoma, His Budalangi former counterpart Ababu Nwamwamba, Yusuf Chanzu (Vihiga) Kenneth Marende (Vihiga), Omar Hassan (Coast) just to mention a few were bankrolled by Jubilee to buy voters for Uhuru in their respectful regions.

The end result is the fact that more than 80 per cent of the votes Uhuru got in the perceived NASA or opposition strongholds were bought and paid for.

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That means with the declaration that President Kenyatta is the winner of that repeat elections, once he is sworn as President he owes those who sold him their votes completely nothing.

President Kenyatta asserting after being declared winner of a no contest election that the results proved that he had also won the nullified August 8th general election is not telling us where the other voters that allegedly voted for him during that election to get 8+ million disappeared to.

The other critical issue here the president is not telling Kenyans is how many billions of shillings did he use to compromise some IEBC, Judiciary and voters in NASA strongholds to get both genuine and compromised votes to stay in power?

[wp_ad_camp_2] With Raila’s declaration for a relentless battle with the GEMA/KAMATUSA administration, if the NASA stronghold counties strangle their colossal revenue contributions to the national government, it remains to be seen whether it will have the trillions of shillings it requires to spend on tenders contracts and other multibillion shillings business deals.

Once those elaborate NASA plans are set in motion, that is when the real battle for the emancipation of the country from the stranglehold of the GEMA/KAMATUSA will have started exploding and that is not painting a rosy picture for the entire nation.

Considering the horrendous lean and painful financial times that Kenyans went through the first term of Jubilee administration, they must expect the worst in the second term – a situation that will not be made any better by the NASA onslaught on the usually panicky Uhuru and Ruto.







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