LDK And NEMA Defy Parliament Orders

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The London Distillers of Kenya Ltd (LDK) and the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) are on the on the spot for defying Parliamentary orders on the auditing of LDK’s environmental pollution.

The company and the authority instead of engaging independent third party to conduct the exercise instead as ordered by the Kareke Mbiuki led Parliamentary Committee on Environment and Natural Resources and its implementation counterpart led by Godfrey Osotsi.

Instead LDK has engaged NEMA officials, an authority which is supposed to have overseen the implementation of the Parliamentary committees’ orders to merely inspect the changes it has made to stop the rampant environmental pollution concerns that were raised by local residents and stakeholders.

The Parliamentary committee’s orders state that: “LDK Implement within six months from the date of tabling of the report the procedures for assessing and reviewing the environment, health and safety policies, procedures, programmes and impact of the industry’s activities.”

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It continues: “Carry out regular and documented internal and third party audits of the progress made towards environmental protection. Implement the culture of reduction, recycling and reuse of waste in daily operations such as waste utilization for energy production.”

However, it has since emerged that it was only the NEMA officials who were invited to the firm’s alcohol distilling factory on October 24th, accompanied by the local Member of Parliament to audit the progress it has so far done on the environmental pollution equation.

The NEMA officials were led by its Chief Researcher Francis Inganga, local MP Patrick Makau and representatives of the Machakos county government which brings into question whether the distiller had not reverted to old tactics of compromising NEMA and other government officials to pander to his whims.

According to media reports emerging from the tour of the factory by these officials, NEMA gave a clean bill of health in meeting the environmental demands and their implementation as ordered by the parliamentary committees.

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The environmental committee swung into action to investigate allegations petitioned to it by the Erdemann Property Ltd developers of Great Wall Gardens estate, its residents and neighbors over rampant pollution of the environment by the LDK’s distilling facility thus posing a threat to the people, animals and general environment in the area.




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