It has now emerged that a local leader colluded with Police in arresting a woman and her one month old baby who were forcefully quarantined by the police at Kisoko Girls High School.

It took the intervention of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR), Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and Kenyans on social media to secure her release.

Nambale area MCA Mwajuma Toloi is now a person of interest after being accused of using the police and County Askaris to harass the small scale traders commonly known as the “jua kalis”, in the guise of fighting Covid-19.

A bodaboda rider who witnessed the incident said his fellow bodabodas had to chase away two County Askaris who had come to arrest the woman before calling reinforcement from the Nambale police station.

“We also tried to intervene when the police came but they overpowered us and bundled the woman and her baby in a waiting police Landcruiser before speeding off. We had vowed not to let anyone arrest her”, said the bodaboda who didn’t want to be mention.

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A source who confided the story to Angaza News, said, “I personally called Mwajuma to ask her why she had decided to keep quiet and watch her own people being harassed by police every day including a woman and her one month old baby who had just been arrested but I was shocked when she told me that the women should be arrested because they had refused to move out of the roadside to a place earmarked for them”.

The source further added that the MCA alluded that the woman in question had assaulted two County Askaris hence triggering her subsequent arrest. Mwajuma was therefore quoted as saying, ” acha huyo mama ashikwe ni mjeuri sana hata ameumiza Askari wawili wa County- meaning let them arrest her she is very rude and even assaulted two County Askaris”.

When asked why the police could not have mercy on the little baby, Mwajuma said that she even wondered where the woman had gotten the baby in the first place.

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The woman was taken to Kisoko Girls High School which is one of the centers designated as a quarantine facility by the County Government where she was left to spend the nights on a cold floor exposing the little baby to all kind of diseases.

Nambale jua kali traders are now appealing to the County Government to allow them do their daily business just like their counterparts in other areas but on the understanding that they adhere to the laid down measures to combat Covid-19 that is by keeping distance and hand washing.

County Askaris with the help of Nambale police have on daily basis beat and chased away jua kali traders something that has led to many of them losing money and goods during the scuffle.

Jane Achieng who is a victim of police brutality says she sells tomatoes and onions in Nambale but sometimes she goes back home with nothing after losing everything in the hands of police.

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“If the MCA wants us to relocate to wherever she wants she should just come and talk to us instead of hiding behind the police to harass innocent Kenyans who are struggling to feed their children”, an angry Achieng said.


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