Massive Fraud In National ID Cards Unearthed


Massive fraud in the issuing of the national Identity Cards has been unearthed through which major national issues and events can be easily manipulated.

It has emerged that hundreds of thousands of Kenyans could be walking around with national ID cards that are not theirs even in the records of the national Bureau of the Registration of persons that is charged with the issuing of the cards.

It is also possible that there could be hundreds of thousands of ID cards in circulation purportedly belonging to individuals who are non-existent complete with the standard ID card numbers.

A classic example emerged recently when Joseph Wafula (not his real name) went seeking for a replacement of his lost driving license and was referred to go and first register as an E-citizen where his national ID card particulars were required.

When he gave his name and ID card number to an official at the offices of the National Registration of Persons Bureau at Nyayo house the person fed it into their computer system and told him that was not his ID card because it belonged to one Thomas Orago Mong’are.

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A shocked disbelieving Wafula argued back saying that was not possible since he had been in possession of that card for more than twenty years in which he had used to transact all manner of businesses like voting in general elections, opening and operating bank accounts, identifying himself at security checks among many other activities.

However the official insisted that the card was indeed not his and that there could have been an error in the documenting of its official standard numbers during the transition period when the government was phasing out the old generation handwritten ID cards to the new generation of the computer typed written cards.

Wafula had no option but to agree to the officials recommendations that he goes to the Bureau’s headquarters at the National Social Security (NSSF) building at community to apply afresh for a new identification card. He urges Kenyans to register on E-Citizen to establish whether they are carrying genuine ID cards.

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That even after getting the new ID card he will be required to have an official letter from the government explaining that this was his genuine card therefore bringing in the inconvenience of having to for example go to his banks to correct the previous erroneous information with which opened his account, the mobile telephone service providers to do the same among many others.

With the next general elections just around the corner what are the implications of such fraudulent mischief? That is considering the fact that without a national ID card or passport one cannot be allowed to register as a voter in the first place or cast his ballot.

This state of affairs creates massive loopholes in which massive rigging of elections can be effectively executed through ghost voters and fraudulently created national identification cards released by the Bureau.

That notwithstanding what about the security threats posed by not only criminal gangs but also the al-Shabaab terror outfits who must desperately require these documents to infiltrate the country to execute their horrendous acts of killings.

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It raises questions about the professionalism of the employees of the Bureau and their patriotism to this nation if they can allow such glaring errors to occur in the issuance of such a sensitive national documents.

In the past it has been reported that hundreds of thousands of youths in many counties scattered in various parts of the country are being denied registration to acquire national ID cards without which they cannot get employment however how many degrees they have acquired.

They can also not be allowed to register as voters to participate in any general election if they do not have these cards not even

can anybody stand for any elective post if they do not have it and if it is wrongly acquired it automatically becomes a criminal offense.

Therefore the National Bureau for the Registration of Persons must come clean and explain how such fraudulent errors can happen to such sensitive documents.





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