Is Mwala MCA Setting The Bar Too High?


The Machakos Minority Leader’s development record has already surpassed the expectations of the residents.

Hon. Brian Kisila is just more than what the doctor prescribed for the challenges that were facing Makutano Mwala ward. The first time Member of County Assembly has really transformed the lives of the locals through infrastructure, agricultural support, educational and financial support to various households in the area.

The Nairobi university graduate has also opened up the locality through grading of new roads and improving other impassable ones.

This has been compounded with improvement of the electricity grid through acquisition of new transformers.

Small scale farmers have also something to smile as they have been provided with poultry chicks and agricultural seeds through his ward development kitty.

The son of Mutiuku village in Kyawango sub-location of Mwala County has already had a great positive impact on the locals leading to him being taunted as a possible Member of Parliament of the larger Mwala Constituency.

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But the main underlying question is who would fit in his shoes as the next MCA having set such a high development record?

Here are some photos of his development work.


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