Uhuru Should Not Use Government Projects For Campaigns.

President Uhuru Launching A Government Project
Uhuru Launching A Government Project

Kenyans are being treated to a series of project launching by the presidency. Just last week, we were treated to a series of them in central & eastern provinces.

Kenyans need to see such stately events in terms of corruption because while these projects are government projects funded hon. Mary Emase, her constituents and her colleagues want to take recognition of some of these launches given that the President will be in Busia on 16th December 2016 for the launch of Busia-Malaba road.

Constitutionally our leaders are getting it very wrong much as I may not be very sure; I think this is a project factored in the 2016/2017 budget.

It’s time we began to question the wisdom of leaders misusing state resources-vehicles, police, accomodation, helicopters, the development projects to advance their political careers.

If they leaders are serious we want to see them use their immense wealth to fund such projects with proper evidence of the source. It’s criminal to go around launching projects funded by the tax payer using government resources to campaign for the national elections in 2017.

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As former Ghanian Vice President John Dramani Mahama once said and I quote, “If you vote for someone because of schools, hospitals, roads and interchanges, you have a weak mind because it is government’s responsibility”

In fact it’s high time a law was enacted to specify the president’s job responsibilities. So that when he attends a wedding or funeral he/she does so in his or her personal capacity and not as head of state.

When launching a state project or attending a state function the talk is specific to state matters and not jubilee/cord or whichever party in power at the time.

Similarly state resources should not be used on personally functions. By such a law there will be some decency in public offices and leadership will become a calling for personal sacrifice as opposed to misuse of public facilities to run personal campaigns.

Right now we have various challenges as country- insecurity, medics strike, our killer roads, corruption you name it. But our top leadership is preoccupied with the 2017 campaigns disguised as launching of projects.

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To our leaders “seat down in your offices and address the elephant in room” solve the myriad problems facing Kenyans. Address the medical crisis, runaway insecurity, corruption your achievements you can write in the papers for us to read about- how many kilometers of roads, hospitals, railway lines your government has done. You need not waste state resources going round physically launching them.



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