Manage Your Discharge Or Close- Residents Tell LDK Chairman


Residents of Great Wall Gardens in Athi River have told off those peddling rumours that Erdemann Property Limited MD Zeyun Yang is playing witch hunt against London Distillers Kenya limited over allegations of Environmental pollution.

Led by Charles Wambugu the residents accused LDK chairman Mohan Galot for trying to divert attention instead of adhering  environmental  rules and regulations.

Wambugu said that it was sad for some people to try to play around with such a weighty matter of environmental pollution at the expense of innocent residents whom he said risk being affected by the raw effluent discharged by the distiller.

He said that when the residents association alongside Erdemann Property Limited appeared before the Kareke Mbiuki led Parliamentary committee on Environment & Natural-Resources last week, some of their prayers were that LDK be compelled to manage its discharge failure to which it should be ordered to close.

” The matter of witch hunt” is neither here nor there given the magnitude of the matter”, said Wambugu.

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He said that the residents were contemplating holding a peaceful demo to the office of the President among other relevant authorities if that was the only way to bring the pollution manace to a stop.

“Each and every person is bound to the rule of law and Mohan Galot is no exceptional”, an angry Wambugu said.


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