Lockdown Separates Two Months Old Infant From Mother


A mother and her two months old baby have been separated following the lockdown announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday.

President Uhuru Kenyatta

The woman who had travelled from Nairobi accompanying her Mother’s body which was buried yesterday in Lwanyange area in Nambale Sub-County of Busia County, decided to leave the infant behind with hope that she would travel back after the burial only for the President to abruptly announce that he had locked down Nairobi among other four Counties.

Some members of the public who were caught unaware with the lockdown are now appealing to the President to give them a day or two to reorganize themselves saying some of them had either travelled home for weekend leave or attended various ceremonies including burial rituals.

“Some of us risk losing our jobs as a result of the lockdown something the President should just intervene by giving us at least a day to reorganize ourselves”, John Nyongesa said.

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He wondered why the common mwananchi should always carry the burden of the Corona virus while those in power are left to continue spreading it through endless campaigns which do not add any value to the lives of “wanjiku”.


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