Explosive Secrets Why Eng. Dan Barasa Is Enslaved To Jubilee


dan-barasaMulti-billion shillings Explosive secret that have enslaved former National Irrigation Board boss Eng. Dan Barasa have exploded wide open detailing how the board lost billions of shillings meant for the development of the ambitious Galana irrigation scheme.

The emerging details of the secrets are squarely pointing at the more than US$ 200 million dollars that the Israeli government granted the Kenya government to implement the multi-billion shillings Galana irrigation scheme.

The money was reportedly advanced directly to the National Irrigation Board as the implementing government agency of the Galana Irrigation Scheme which is supposed to play a leading role in

cementing food security in Kenya.

However, the amount that was declared to have been received when Eng. Barasa was the Board’s Chief Executive was much less than the true figure of more than US$ 200 million advanced for the project by the Israeli government – a lesser figure that was also declared to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Matters came to a head when recently President Kenyatta was planning to make his historic first official visit to Tel Aviv as President of the Republic of Kenya and high on the agenda was donor support for irrigation programmes in Kenya an area where Israel has excelled brilliantly.

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Eng. Barasa who had already been in close working relations with the Israeli government particularly on the Galana project in his brief to the president falsified the truth and though expected to accompany President Kenyatta to Israel declined knowing what he had done.

It was during the bilateral discussions with his counterpart in Israel Benjamin Netanyahu that the President Kenyatta on requesting for donor support to the Galana project was shocked to learn from Netanyahu that his government had already ploughed into it more than US$ 200 million.

It is from this background that the President in shock and consternation while in Tel Aviv publicly told the world that Kenyans were thieves after it became clear that the boss of the NIBs had not told him the truth and that was why Barasa had abstained from joining him on the official working trip to Israel.

Therefore when he says that he is in Jubilee “by choice” and is already fighting to topple the Busia County Governor Sospeter Ojaamong using the Jubilee ticket goes a long way in revealing why the Engineer is enslaved to Jubilee.

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It is also an open secret that his second wife is a Jubilee Member of Parliament for Thika town Alice Nga’ng’a who has been instrumental in influencing the Jubilee owners to appoint her husband Barasa to be the party’s lead person and boss in charge of the western Kenya region for the Jubilee campaigns in readiness for the next general elections.

The critical matter among the Jubilee power brokers being that Barasa exhaustively uses the resources he acquired while at the helm of NIB to spearhead the Jubilee interests in that region where the party’s performance is expected to be dismal comparing the fierce competition from Mudavadi’s Amani National Congress (ANC), the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and Ford Kenya among others.

It has also emerged that Eng. Barasa has become the financial kingpin of other high profile personalities from the Western Kenya region, the best example being that of the Cabinet Secretary for water and irrigation Eugene Wamalwa.

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Reportedly the multi-million shillings controversial Range Rover limousine which was recently impounded by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officials for allegedly evading the paying of tax was imported for Wamalwa by Eng. Barasa leave alone the thousands of shillings he has handed out to the CS in the recent past complete with air travel tickets both local and external.

However, what the Engineer may not know that is in store for him after the next general elections that will have deeply eaten into his pockets is possible prosecution for the corruption allegations peddled against him while he was at the helm of the NIB.


  1. Hope Eng. Barasa takes care from these revelations and many others he knows. He knows the uphill task he face socially and politically. Politically, he can and will not win Busia governorship on Jubilee ticket. Socially he faces criminal prosecution from these revelations. This is a man in trouble.


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