At 27 Years Lone Felix Now Starts His Journey Towards The Senate


Dear my good People,

Today we start in earnest our journey towards Senate Busia with a series of events. We received formal Clearance from IEBC to run as Candidate for Senate, Busia County in the elections scheduled for August 2017. This has been a marathon of steady steps, which has taken thought, prayer and concern. From today, we have started in earnest our Journey to share our message with this great county. Our message will focus on Education, Collaborative Oversight & Empowerment.

lone felix

First, I will start from a point of acknowledging that this will be a long journey. Our Candidature is unconventional in many ways. The Journey will be long, tedious and draining. My motivation lies however lies in the fact that it is all worth it. That indeed we owe it to a county that gave us our foundation to do it.

Our County has great prospects, a warm, receptive and ambitious people and endless resources. But with a per Capita income of USD 319, 6% Electricity coverage, extremely low percentage of paved roads, our reality has been over 69 of our people living in poverty, 22% above the national average.

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This must change. Failed Industries that could offer employment to our people, like the Sugar factory in Nasewa, must find a new untainted leadership to champion & resolve the stalemate. Malaba, a key cross border town is not a priority on the rapidly expanding SGR leaving our people outside the development brackets even longer.

[wp_ad_camp_2] We will take our vision to every Village. I look forward to meeting you our homes, in the markets and in farms. I will share with you my heart and thoughts and listen to you, and look towards a shared journey.

As we share our vision, we will also ask very hard questions. We will join the majority of residents in stating clearly that those who created the problems we face cannot purport to offer solutions.

I will urge the residents of Busia to be courageous. To ask every leader who has been part of our problems to go home. To ensure that those of us who come to seek the honor of your vote, first account for the opportunities we have had, and equally importantly state the agenda of the future we aspire for Busia.

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