Why Otuoma Will Be ‘Tuomad’ By Ojaamong

Nearly fifteen years ago the Funyula legislator Paul Otuoma made history in Busia county by ‘tuomaring’ the second most powerful man in the country Moody Awori , but this time round he is going to be ‘tuomad’ by another  man who made history as Busia county governor Sospeter Ojaamong.

Paul Otuoma (L) & Governor Ojaamong (R)

The tuomaring (Knocking out of politics) may have been of Otuoma’s entry into the country’s politics, but this time round may be making the end of his relevance not only in the county’s politics but also the country’s.

The principal reason is the fact that he gambled his political life’s future by playing around with Jubilee while at the helm of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) that eventually saw him quit that party in highly acrimonious circumstances that every body knows in Kenya.

That was immediately followed by his failure together with his Budalangi counterpart Ababu Namwamba now the boss of the little known Labour Party of Kenya (LPK) to deliver on their wild reckless public pronunciations to deliver a powerful political force that would emancipate the entire western Kenya region and the rest of the country.

Fast and systematically both Ababu and Otuoma were reduced to mere county or constituency entities where they are desperately fighting for their political lives with the direct and indirect financial backing from the corrupt and tribally biased Jubilee godfathers.

Indeed it has emerged that Otuoma who was catapulted to the national political power brokering stage has been reduced into a desperate orphan clinging to constitutional provisions for independent candidates vying for any electoral position in the country right from the ward through the constituencies, counties and the national level.

While Namwamba is fighting for his political survival and relevance in the August 8th, 2017 general elections, his buddy and Funyula neighbor is fighting for the same at the county level using Jubilee finances to the extend that last week President Uhuru Kenyatta while in Mumias singled only Otuoma out for support for the gubernatorial race.

Ironically the only governor who defected with a rag tag of Members of Parliament to Jubilee from Bungoma, Kakamega, Vihiga, Busia and Tans Nzoia counties is Ken Lusaka of Bungoma – most of the defecting legislators were from Kakamega and Bungoma counties with none from the rest.

The most telling point is the fact that President Kenyatta and his Deputy have never publicly come out to champion for Jubilee’s governors or even legislators vying for constituency seats in various counties apart from their Busia County ODM mole – Paul Nyongesa Otuoma.

Whereas in Busia county his supporters are already on record to have un-leashed violence on a mere candidate vying for a county assembly representative seat in Butula constituency where he had gone to seduce voters to vote for him on August 8th general elections.

The violence from his supporters did not start during the campaigns for the August general elections, but they started in the run up campaigns for the ODM primaries. Where the violence erupted right from the Busia county headquarters and spread out to other sub-counties in the county.

The operative goons for hire that were being used at that time by “Team Otuoma” were the notorious gangsters for hire based in Marachi estate of Busia town locally popularly known as the Baghdad Boys who are still at large for hire to date.

That aside though there are several contestants for that seat who include Jubilee’s Eng. Dan Barasa, former Nzoia sugar Company boss and Mumias Company Finance manager Francis Oyatsi, a yet to be known Michael Oloo among others – Ojaamong and Otuoma have taken centre stage.

The biggest irony of the whole business is the fact that while Ojaamong has been systematically and effectively consolidating his vote amongst the Teso Community of both North and South sub-counties, Otuoma has been facing massive rebellion in his home base Funyula sub county.

The worst aspect of that is the fact that the rebellion is led by the man who campaigned for him to dethrone former Vice President Moody Awori, the Busia County Assembly Speaker Bernard Wamalwa while Otuoma was on the run from the police concerning a murder case at Sio Port Police Station in his own home backyard.

Whereas the entire Funyula sub-county the most populous north end is up in arms against his extremely wanting development record which over the last ten years as Funyula legislator heavily concentrated around his family, clan members and a few handpicked political cronies who are ready to un-leash violence anywhere.

In Budalangi sub-county unlike Ojaamong who is on the ODM ticket, Otuoma is facing serious challenges because of his close association with the sitting are legislator Namwamba who were at one time the ODM bosses but heavily implicated in the Jubilee moles in ODM scandal in ODM.

What must not be forgotten is the fact that Busia county is a heavily NASA zone with Jubilee candidates or associates having an extremely peripheral role in the county’s politics as NASA political parties like ODM, Amani National Congress (ANC), Ford Kenya and Chama Cha Mashinani take centre stage.

All these boils down to the tyranny of numbers and when all said and done with all the candidates picking votes from here and there despite the noise Ojaamong has the tyranny of numbers to carry the day.

Initially there were indications that Ojaamong may have lost out in Butula Sub-county following the departure of his Deputy Kizito Wangalwa who said he was not contesting as Deputy Governor but was going to campaign for NASA’s flag bearer Raila Odinga.

The much hyped political storm against Ojaamong seems to have over a few months dissipated like a mirage considering the fact that he picked his running mate for this year’s elections Moses Mulomi from the same sub-county not to mention the violence occasioned by Otuoma’s supporters in the area.

It must also be remembered that the biggest query about the whole business of violence has been reported from the Eifumbukhe (Otuoma) supporters across the county and none from any of the other candidates who are running for the same seat.

Though area senator Amos Wako declared not to support any of his colleagues vying for various elective seats in ODM across the county as he did during the last general elections electioneering period – there were heavy reports that he was supporting Otuoma.

Though he denied doing so, the implications are very clear that this will cost him votes not only in north and South Teso counties, but also in other sub—counties where Ojaaamong is holding sway – what is emerging is that sooner or later the two political giants of the county may be forced to shelf their political differences for the sake of the county’s development.

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