Why Miguna Miguna Is The Right Choice For Nairobi

I have pondered why I was in love with Kidero Evans running for governorship in 2013. In him we saw a man who was learned, managerial and above all a person who cuts the image of seriousness on how things ought to be run in the big city.

Miguna Miguna

Four years down the line, our city continues to lie under the heavy and stinking weight of garbage. The footpaths to the newly constructed roads are taken over by hawkers and Nairobi, once a lighted up city, continues to grovel in the dark at night. What really happened? Our hopes dashed, our belief in the so-called learned persons to lead us has been badly bruised, confounded and challenged. We are confused.

Enters Mike Sonko, he of the theatrics and alternative ‘works’. He represents the lowly and speaks to their hearts with unparalleled efficacy. He is the messiah sent to liberate the youths of Eastlands through his SonkoResuce Team (SRT).

Let me give credit where it is due. Before Sonko run and won the Makadara parliamentary seat, those before him weren’t true to solving the unemployment problems in Eastlands. Sonko came in and ‘rounded up’ boys in Makadara and BuruBuru estates and gave them money to start car washes, built stalls for them to conduct business and it is often said that the ones who were lazy ‘run’ into the far Eastlands; that is Kayole and formed the ruthless Gaza Gang.

Let me just say, Sonko is a great person and he can work as he has promised but we should not be duped by such since you know how it works in politics. In politics, there’salways a shadow government for lack of a better word.

This shadow government often has control of the one they front as their person to take leadership. The shadow government is like the strings attached in a relationship, they will always demand their ‘cut’ of the spoils.

Sonko is indeed one such character, as it has been revealed in recent times, and by being now fronted by the looters such as Chris Kirubi et.al, We don’t have hope. Basically, what that shadow government will do to Sonko is to derail most, if not some of his brilliant ideas of transforming Nairobi. I rest my case, Am not voting Sonko but he is better than Kidero who by now it is self-evident has been the head of the cartel, the shadow government.

Now onto MigunaMiguna, the man with the same name twice. The one. The savior the messiah for the county, once under the sun. This is like an oasis in a desert. Miguna like Kidero, is a learned man per distinction. He is well managed and will fight if need be to see integrity rule most of our daily dealings.

Oh yes, Miguna knows as most of us; the so called middle class should, that the taxes we pay to the County Government of Nairobi should be able to provide services for us. That we should not beg for better housing, roads, waste management and street lighting. That we should not be accosted by unemployed youths high on drugs in the streets of Nairobi. And while Sonko’s idea and experience has shown that he can work, Miguna doesn’t have the austere of a shadow government or cartels fronting him.

Miguna’s work ethics is well known, though not tested as an elected public servant in Kenya. Those of us who read his book; Peeling Back The Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya, know too well how, as person he did exceedingly better in a foreign land as a lawyer.

How he rose from the ashes of persecution and became one of Canada’s beloved lawyers, and how he came back and worked at the office of the Prime Minister, there’s was no better person for that role, to do it so well than Miguna.

It should not be lost on anyone that, Miguna is the man for the job, he can argue his points well; articulate issues with the determination of a lion, he, above all knows what and how Nairobi ails. You can see this in his eyes when he talks, the man does not have time for sideshows, he cannot stand corruption or corrupt people, he cannot engage with you if he senses the slightest whiff of deceit.

Well, after all is said and done, sometimes the voter doesn’t know what he/she wants. But in all honestyand in truth; and truth being the reality underlying all existence. We can do better to examine our values and thinking and judgement.

Most of us don’t know what a clean Nairobi looks like, most of us don’t know how a properly planned housing in Nairobi looks like, most of us never knew how a well-managed transport system looks like until another veritable, no-nonsense son of Kenya, he John Michuki showed the way.



Lagaless is an introvert with a sharp mind for such easy subjects as Mole Concept (Chemistry). He fell in love with writing in Form 2. He has written a couple of unpublished, mindful, sad and sometimes crazy poems. He loves knowledge and delves in politics, mysticism and religion. The later being his first love now divorced from him. He is a student of Political Science and Public Administration.

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