OPINION: Why DPP & Police Must Tell Kenyans Truth About “State Witness”

The DPP and Police appear to have been awoken the embarrassment of this “State witness” and “State Pilot”. But they will have to do more to convince anyone that there is not more than meets the eye. Here are a few questions they need to answer to begin with:

a) those sunglasses Dennis Ngengi Muigai is wearing are not bought on the streets or your regular shops. In Kenya, they are mostly used by NIS and specially trained to guard the president and possibly his deputy. They are fitted with video cameras and many other gadgets, including a USB port. How did he get them?

b) This special eye witness had a police driver and state car. He was bold enough to even own up to it before the cameras. How did he get the police driver and who allocated him the state car? Why are all the statements emanating from the DPP and police silent on this?

c) All this while when doing interviews on TV, the special eye witness wore his high tech glasses. Police could see it and the DPP too could see it. He even said he was a state pilot on national TV.

During the helicopter crash in Nakuru, he was in the company of senior state officials and yet this witness we are now being told has been a criminal all along enjoyed preferential treatment there. He was even allowed to speak to the press ahead of all other government officials who were there with him. Why was this so?

d) where is the police driver that Ngengi has been using? Has she been arrested and is she going to testify about who assigned her that job? And the state car he was using? Has it been impounded too and will it be presented in court as part of the evidence?

e) How come this man that we are now being told has been a criminal all along took charge of the scene of crime when Governor Gakuru had a fatal motor accident? According to his own testimony on TV, he summoned police and told them the accident victims must be having guns.

He directed police to collect all the guns from the victims. He even assisted in collecting the guns. Police apparently obeyed him without question. Is this how common criminals behave where police are? And is this how Kenyan police treat common criminals?

f) Now, I am really impressed with these police investigations. Within just three or so days of the accident, police have unearthed eight fake names this witness has been using in nine different counties. Yet, they have written to police in those counties and are still waiting for a response! How did they then get all those details we are now being furnished with?

Two months ago, the DPP ordered the same police to investigate IEBC officials implicated in electoral offenses during the August 8 elections. Nothing has moved an inch!

g) then there is this small contradiction in the very first police statement about the eye witness. This first statement defies the fundamentals of space and time.

According to police, the eye witness was in Donholm when he heard about the accident and then rushed to the scene of accident to talk to the media! Really? The accident occurred at around 6.30am near Thika town, some 50km from Donholm.

The first interview that Ngengi gave the media was just a few minutes to 7am. Taking the fact of Nairobi traffic at such rush hour into account, it means that this eye witness managed to get himself to Thika from Donholm, study the scene of the accident and get the facts of the accidents and talk to the media, all in less than 20 mins. Remember, police have not disputed his version of what exactly happened on that fateful day.

This must be a very strange Kenya where only such drama occurs. Somebody somewhere owes Kenyans an explanation about these two accidents, not the drama we are now being treated to.

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