Uhuru’s Otuoma Jubilee Mole Revelations Trigger Explosive Reactions

The President Uhuru Kenyatta revelations last week exposing the Funyula legislator Paul Otuoma as a Jubilee mole have triggered massive explosive reactions from the residents and voters of Busia County as they prepare to head for the polls tomorrow.

Paul Otuoma

The massive protest reactions of the residents are expressing their anger against voting in Otuoma for the post of the county governor for which he is contesting to be elected to replace the incumbent Sospeter Ojaamong.

The explosive reactions are emerging after Angaza News published a story quoting President Kenyatta rooting for the county residents to vote for Otuoma to take over Busia County as part of
the leaders Jubilee administration is hoping to use to revive the collapsed sugar industry in Western Kenya.

One of our readers James Wakhungu said: “This is deplorable and total abuse to the intelligence and ability of the Busia County residents. We are not ready to mortgage and sell our county to
merchants of corruption in Busia County.”

Wakhungu accuses Otuoma of having completely failed the people of Funyula constituency during the ten years he has represented them as Member of Parliament in two consecutive terms, the first as a cabinet minister by heavily concentrating to develop and satisfy the interests of his clan and very close cronies.

“The classic example is what Otuoma did after influencing his Chief campaigner Bernard Wamalwa that led to him to defeat then Vice President Moody Awori to become the first speaker of the Busia County Assembly.

After that he influenced the illegal employment of more than 120
people from his clan to the assembly,” he said.

Wakhungu’s views were supported by Rose Namwaka who accused Otuoma of triggering acrimonious differences between the County Assembly and the Executive even before the two
arms of the county government had been in office for hardly ten months.

“We have not forgotten the fact that Otuoma’s greed and desperation to take over the Busia County governorship job made him to sponsor Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) to try
and impeach Ojaamong, but it failed. If he can influence the illegal employment of 120 people from his clan to the assembly, what will he do if we make the mistake of voting him in as governor?” Ms Namwaka asked.

Our Angaza News readers were reacting to what the President was quoted saying verbatim: “If Paul Otuoma is ready to support the cane farmer then I would urge the people of Busia for instance to vote for him so that Mumias sugar can be back on its feet again.”

He continued: “There was need to bring in a new team including even areas such as Busia County where I am made to understand produces a bigger percentage of cane supply to Mumias

” Ironically President Kenyatta was speaking after handing over a Kshs. 500 million shillings to sugarcane farmers contracted to supply the raw material to the financially crippled Mumias Sugar Company, where he claimed that lack of good leadership had killed the sector.

David Musumba from Butula sub-county says: “We know what role Jubilee administration has played in reducing our country’s economy to its knees as they were busy gluttonously gulping ‘nyama choma’ while the rest of Kenyans were salivating in abject hunger and poverty, let Otuoma go to central Kenya to be elected Kiambu, Nyeri or Murang’a governor.”

Musumba says it is now clear that the massive hard cash that Otuoma was dishing out during the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) primaries had been lavished from the massive coffers of the jubilee campaign chest designed to penetrate or infiltrate and sabotage ODM from within.

He accused the Funyula legislator of simply being greedy to be in control of the huge county financial resources compared to the meager ones he had been reduced to control at the
constituency level’s Constituency Development Fund (CDF) after coming out of the cabinet during the tenure of the grand coalition government.

At the time Otuoma and his Budalangi constituency counterpart Ababu Namwmaba while at the helm of ODM were on the forefront of dismissing the allegations that there were indeed Jubilee moles deeply rooted within ODM.

They dismissed them saying they were a mere creation of a section of ODM legislators and leaders who were not happy that the party’s leadership which had just exchanged hands had not
gone their way, but ended up in the hands of individuals who were not – “The true owners” of the party.

supported the same clique’s activities of sabotage against them.

The same matters erupted viciously into the public domain when Otuoma and Ababu quit their party positions as they threatened to join other political parties that were yet to be disclosed as
the political imbroglio within ODM continued breaking out by the day.

Unconfirmed reports reaching us indicate that the Funyula legislator was convinced by his Jubilee controllers to stay within ODM and play their fiddle when he was required to do so
particularly in securing for Jubilee the highly strategically placed international border county of Busia.

This could also explain his massive financial clout during the ODM nominations after which they again froze out when he chose to play the independent candidates ticket, but started flowing back during the last week to the general elections after the legislator returned from a lengthy
questionable retreat in Nairobi.

“In Busia we need change just like Funyula wanted change from the stranglehold of Awori on the constituency for decades that he used to only concentrate his development activities in the north of Funyula constituency,” said another Otuoma supporter Night Nabwire.

However these were countered by Dismas Wakhungu who accused Otuoma of having failed in his own tiny constituency, therefore saying he has no ability to provide Busia county with sound progressive leadership that can outshine Ojaamong’s and to date he has completely failed to prove his worth to deserve that seat.

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