Suspected Serial Killer Arrested in Umoja Nairobi


Detectives have arrested a 42-year-old man linked to the death of a woman whose decomposing dismembered body was discovered hidden in a sack inside the compound of a primary school four days ago.

David Kariuki the suspected killer of the dismembered body found at tumaini primary school grounds in Umoja, Nairobi has been arrested by detectives.

Detectives from Directorate of Criminal investigation (DCI) nabbed David Migwi Kariuki at a house where he had moved after the heinous act of allegedly killing 36-year-old Penninah Wairimu Njeri.

The body of the woman was found inside the compound of Tumaini Primary School playground in Umoja estate.

The residents were attracted by a foul smell that was emanating from the institution and they decided to check out.

The detectives had linked the murder to a house at the estate where the suspect had moved after keeping the body for several days and only disposed them after the odour became unbearable.

According to DCI on April 27, 2019, the same suspect was captured on CCTV walking out of Green Club along Latema Road in Nairobi CBD with a lady, a few hours before the dismembered body parts of a woman were found dumped in different locations.

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The head, arms and legs had been dumped at Umoja dumpsite and torso later found at Landhies road.

DCI added the DNA analysis on the body parts matched that of the woman he had walked with from the club.

“Following the discovery of dismembered body parts of a monstrously murdered woman at Tumaini primary school playground in Umoja two on May 31, 2020 the suspect; 42-year-old David Migwi Kariuki has been arrested by DCI detectives at a house he had moved after the heinous act. The suspect disappeared and has been on the run until today when DCI officers pounced on him,’’ said the DCI in a tweet on Thursday.

The suspect has been placed in custody pending arraignment while forensic examination of the recovered body parts to reveal her identity is being undertaken.


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