EXPOSED: Sacked Busia County Official Under Probe Over Ksh1.2Million ilegal Salary

Peter Odima

The former Busia County Director Resource Mobilization Peter Khasamule Odima continued fleecing the Busia County government coffers more than Kshs. 1.2 million after being sacked from the county government, we can authoritatively reveal.

The Director who was sacked from the job mid last year until now is still on the county government’s payroll earning a monthly salary of Kshs. 110, 767.30 under another fake name called Peter Odima Haris Khasamule.

According to the pay slip 156 un-earthed through our investigations of July 2017 PF Number 20140008742 Odima manipulated himself to be on the County government’s payroll as a Public Relations Officer (1) M06N ID Number 6981405.

This automatically means that Odima was already earning two salaries from the county government coffers, therefore when his official contract as Director Resource Mobilization for the county was terminated he continued receiving the above mentioned salary complete with statutory deductions.

These included the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), the National Security Fund (NSSF), Pay As You Earn (PAYE), University Loan Reco amounting to Kshs.  229, 151.60, another University Loan Reco of Kshs. 65, 386, 60 and PAYE Auto Imprest amounting to Kshs. 1, 280,00.

What comes out clearly is the fact that he was drawing a different salary from the county government under a different National Identification card in his possession reading Peter Khasamule Odima as Director and also his second National Identification card reading Peter Haris Khasamule as a Public Relations Officer (1).

According to our sources this was effectively executed in collaboration with the then Cabinet Executive for the county’s Department of Information Communications and Technology (under which Public Relations fall) Bernadette Muyomi who was later transferred from that docket to Lands in the same capacity before resigning from that position in the run up to the last general elections.

The other person believed to have been colluded in the scam is the County Chief Officer of Public Service Management Patricia Caroline Okello who is the custodian of payrolls of all county employees both of whom are reportedly to have played a central role in retaining Odima on the County’s payroll.

Odima executed exactly the same scam while employed by the Kenya Power and Lighting Company as a senior Transport Officer where he was fully employed drawing full salary and all manner of allowances using a different National Identification card.

At the same time he was on full permanent employment of the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) also drawing a full salary with all manner of allowances and emoluments allegedly as a Personal Assistant of former Nambale constituency legislator Chris Okemo when he was in total contravention of the law.

Indeed it was not until when Okemo discovered the double illegal game that Odima was playing when he was a member of the PSC that brought matters exploding into Odima’s face with Okemo ordering him to immediately relinquish one of the jobs.

When Odima declined Okemo’s order and Okemo went ahead to sack him from the PSC payroll, Odima went completely of the rocker collected all manner of secret and confidential documents concerning his former boss and went to the then Kenya Anti Corruption Authority (KACC) now the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Authority (EACC) to fix Okemo in revenge.

That was the beginning of Okemo’s nightmares with the money laundering problems that he is still desperately fighting to extricate himself from being extradited to face money laundering charges in New Jersey of the United Kingdom.

Ironically exactly the same developments are replicating themselves in Busia County where he was sacked from the county government for professional malpractices where he squarely laid the blame onto the County Governor Sospeter Ojaamong.

Immediately after the sacking last year Odima is on record to have gone on record publicly fighting Ojaamong viciously persistently all the way to the party primaries, the general elections campaigns and even after when his protégé the former Funyula legislator Paul Otuoma lost at all levels.

The latest development this month in Odima’s relentless and reckless wars against Ojaamong for allegedly influencing his sacking was when he went to the High Court in Busia to challenge Ojaamong’s election as the county’s governor at the last general elections.

That was ironically after personally calling Ojaamong to beg him that they forget their differences in the run-up, during and after the last general elections and the governor should seriously consider giving him a job in the new five year term in office.

The worst aspect of the whole business is the fact that though Odima was calling Ojaamong desperately begging for a job, he knew he was still fraudulently on the county government’s payroll as a Public Relations Officer 1. This clearly means that Odima wanted to go back to the county government’s payroll to continue earning two salaries.

Therefore it was shocking a few days later when Ojaamong went to his office at the county headquarters in Busia town only to find a petition challenging his re-election filed by the same Odima on behalf of Otuoma waiting for him on his desk. The hearing of the same petition is expected to begin this week.




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