Raila & Mudavadi Facing Massive Backlash in Busia County

The National Super Alliance Co-Principals Musalia Mudavadi and Raila Odinga are playing highly partisan politics in favour of their preferred candidates in their political parties Amani National Congress (ANC) and Orange democratic Movement nominations.

NASA CO-Principals Mudavadi & Raila

Even as the NASA Pentagon prepares to make public its presidential flag bearer tomorrow on Thursday April 27th, 2017 the hundreds of thousands of disenfranchised are threatening a huge backlash against the two party leaders at the next general elections in August.

That is because the duo has blatantly meddled in the election of the candidates popularly preferred and duly elected in peaceful processes that the losing candidates favoured by the principals have gone all the way to manipulate and falsify the peoples’ choices.

The end result has been the persistent massive violence witnessed especially in Homa Bay and Migori counties that have resulted in deaths, serious injuries and massive destruction of properties.

The worst aspect of the whole political imbroglio are the failures of Mudavadi and Odinga to salvage the country’s largest sugar producer Mumias Sugar Company from virtual collapse following the massive looting by top management that saw shady deals trigger its collapse.

Indeed the duo has also transformed their political parties into tribal entities that are eclipsing out voters from different communities and counties and hence the looming backlashes that may see President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee reap heavily in the so called ODM and ANC strongholds.

Indeed a sharp rift has erupted between the top leadership of the ANC party and its leader Mudavadi because of un-democratic unilateral decisions to nullify elections and awarding nomination certificates instead of following the party’s procedures and regulations.

There are two classic examples in which the ANC leader and his ODM counterpart have openly goofed to the extent that in Busia County which is being merely milked and exploited the residents are saying that – “No Otuoma No Raila in Busia-” that fate is likely to be facing Mudavadi himself who of all places in Nairobi County is imposing candidates against those democratically elected by party members.

Mr. Magero Gumo won the Dagoretti North constituency’s ANC nominations with a landslide win of more than 9, 700 votes against his closest contestant Ben Shilibwa who garnered only 7000 votes yet the ANC head office has declined to release to Magero the party’s nomination certificate based on baseless fabrications that the process had been flawed.

That was after Shilibwa engineered his supporters to storm the party headquarters in Nairobi with wild and baseless allegations of a flawed nomination process that he fully participated in without lodging any flaws complaints to the party’s electoral board until after he was defeated forcing the ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi to intervene and declare a nullification of the results simply because Shilibwa hails from Vihiga County like himself unlike Magero whose origins are from Busia County.

What has clearly emerged is the fact just like his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader and co-National Super Alliance (NASA) principal Raila Odinga are grossly misusing and sidelining the Busia County people from getting what is rightly theirs won in broad daylight in a democratic process.

Odinga’s hand was clearly evident in the recent polls in which the Funyula Legislator Paul Otuoma was cheated out of his rightful win in the ODM nomination for the Busia County gubernatorial seat when the incumbent Sospeter Ojaamong crudely stole the ballots for only North and South Teso Sub-counties after being heavily trounced in the rest of the county’s five sub-counties.

It is a well known fact that Ojaamong and Odinga are very close allies with the former facilitating the latter on many matters, thus playing games to repeat the contested nomination polls in only the two Teso sub-counties on April 25th, 2017 which would have locked Otuoma out the ballot for the general elections in August this year – thus forcing him to seek nomination as an independent candidate.

What the two leaders are showing the people from the Busia County is the fact that ODM and ANC are systematically being reduced into tribal political parties for the Luos in Nyanza and Maragolis of Vihiga County.

Otherwise Mudavadi must explain why he declared the nullification of the Dagoretti North ANC nominations without giving any tangible reasons other than the fact that Shilibwa is from Maragoli just like himself while Magero is from Busia County? What specific flaws are these that were not officially lodged with the party’s Electoral Board?

Why did he order that the certificate should be given to Shilibwa and not the true winner? What has clearly emerged is the fact a wide rift has erupted between the ANC party leader Mudavadi and the top cream party leadership which has declined to implement their leader’s directive to give the party’s nomination certificate to Shilibwa simply because he was a Maragoli from Vihiga County.

The rebelling party top cream leadership is rightly arguing that Shilibwa lost in an open free and fair contest for the ticket without any incidences of violence, therefore Magero is the right person to get the certificate otherwise obeying Mudavadi’s directive would be consigning ANC into a mere Maragoli affair as some of the top leaders of the party are from the same community.

There is also clear evidence that whereas Magero did not attempt rigging of the process Shilibwa did so with huge quantities of the party’s ballot papers marked in his favour but instead was heavily trounced.

Marked Ballot Papers

Mudavadi should instead explain why and how Shilibwa got hold of the party’s ballot papers meant for the nomination process stocked in a private home or office marked in his favour and sneaked into the polling stations and tallying centres to crook his way into winning the contest.

This is just a repeat of the same thing that Ojaamong pulled off in Busia County after crudely over stuffing ODM nomination ballot papers marked in his favour in both North and South Teso sub-counties after failing to effect the same in the other sub-counties leading to Odinga with his top cronies at ODM manipulating the contested polls to still favour Ojaamong.

Indeed more than four Ojaamong supporters who were found with bunches of the ODM nomination ballot papers in Teso North/South marked in favour of Ojaamong have since been arraigned in court to answer charges of election fraud even as his godfather Odinga went ahead to manipulate a sham repeat of the process in the two sub-counties.



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