Prof Mutahi Ngunyi’s skewered Wishful Thinking Exposed

The self-styled political analyst and commentator Prof. Mutahi Ngunyi has clearly distinguished himself as an avowed tribalist of the self-proclaimed so called “Nyumba Nene” – the Kikuyu.

Political Analyst Prof. Mutahi Ngunyi

Indeed that mindset has already landed him in court following an inflammatory piece he penned and published last year, therefore the headline piece published by the Standard on Sunday last weekend written by Paul Barasa clearly portrays his skewered feelings against Cord leader Raila Odinga.

Indeed it was a very smart preemptive piece by this high profile Jubilee strategist which the writer simply copy pasted without firing any critical questions like on what basis does he talk of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s limping win to Statehouse after this year’s general elections and Odinga being destined to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

What emerged clearly however is the fact that Ngunyi was trying to pour cold water on the Opposition’s protest against the fundamental issue of manual electoral backup system through a manual system among others.

The most critical issue being why he completely failed to make any critical analysis of these issues vis-à-vis the arguments fronted by the Jubilee government proponents on the contentious and acrimonious amendments to the elections law or is it the journalist who failed to pose queries on these issues?

Being a Jubilee proponent then at least he should have tried to justify the reasons why the Jubilee proponents both in the National Assembly and the Senate were hell bend on passing the amendments despite spirited pleas from the country’s religious leaders, the civil society and many other leaders who are not shackled by tribal chains.

Indeed the story reads like a classroom lecture which a student merely wrote or repeated what the teacher was pontificating or teaching the class rather than having any tangible critical analysis and justification of the matters reported or raised in the pontification.

I quote: “There is an emerging report that the former Prime Minister who is also the opposition leader is being set up to ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda .This will be in an effort that will stabilize the country.” What proof does he have to make this sensational claim or is he of the team that is plotting that scheme? Can he also justify his allegations that the Jubilee government is going to do everything to silence Odinga? – indeed it must not be forgotten that there are only two principals who are the shakers and movers of things in it and that President Kenyatta representing the GEMA faction and his Deputy William Ruto representing that of the KAMATUSA part section of Kalenjins.

Is he aware of the fact somebody like Odinga can only be silenced when he is killed and therefore without life in his body to speak out? If the election laws were deliberately amended to trap Raila and consign him to the ICC does this clearly show the desperate fear that the Jubilee has over the force of the Raila threat to their survival at the next general elections?

The other tell-tale impression the piece creates is that of creating and hyping the notion that Raila is an outright loser who only wants to force himself in next government but totally lacks the support of the Kenyan population or for that matter voters.

Why is Prof. Ngunyi conveniently forgetting the same Raila’s performance against retired President Mwai Kibaki in the 2007 general elections which were the worst rigged poll in the history of this country that triggered the bloody aftermath in which more than 1,200 innocent Kenyans were killed and hundreds of thousands rendered Internally Displaced Persons that he talks of in that piece?

Indeed it is a proven fact that the elections were indeed extremely followed otherwise the President of the country could have been Raila, otherwise Ngunyi should explain to Kenyans why Kibaki and his cronies hastily saw his swearing into a disputed second term during the night when the country was burning

Considering the probability that he is nominated the flag bearer of a the nascent National Super Alliance (NASA) with overwhelming support from the former Western, Nyanza, Nairobi, Coast, North Eastern and shared Rift Valley and Eastern provinces against GEMA’s Central – why shouldn’t Raila be threat to the survival of the Uhuruto Presidency in Kenya? On What basis does Ngunyi confidently state that Kenyatta will comfortably make it to State House but merely limping from this year’s general electioneering?

This brings us to yet another distinct observation from the Ngunyi story that he is out to create fear and divisions in the opposition with claims that Odinga is surrounded by cowards who will desert him and leave him as a target of ICC indictment in the event of post-election violence.

Yet another quote: “According to Mutahi the mass action that will be called by Odinga will brand him a warmonger. The analyst went further and said that Raila will be abandoned by his political allies whom he said that, they are not as militant as Raila.”

On what basis and justification is (Ngunyi) so sure that Raila is the one who will call for mass action and not the religious and civil society leaders amongst other leading balanced opinion leaders who have been calling for dialogue over the contentious issues on the amendments on the elections law?

What proof is there to suppose the abandonment of Raila or is this a deliberate desperation to ignite distrust and suspicion among the opposition? Whose interests is Ngunyi serving knowing his close ties with the top cream of the Jubilee government from which he has financially benefited? How far sure can we be that these claims are not deliberately manufactured to serve the interests of the Jubilee kingpins?

Indeed more importantly, through Mutahi, Jubilee is trying to influence the selection of a weaker opponent to face his Jubilee masters at the forthcoming general elections later this year in which Odinga has declared his interest to challenge President Kenyatta.

Indeed it goes without saying that the emergence of NASA has become an extremely horrendous nightmare to the Jubilee kingpins who have since tried desperately through emissaries to stop the alignment of the Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi whom they ruthlessly shortchanged in the run up to the last general elections with Cord leaders.

More quotes: “Mr. Mutahi said that if Raila’s propaganda is something to go by he can only become the Prime Minister. And this will only happen if the public buys his claims which according to him have no place in the hearts of the public.

“Jubilee government is set to win the election bearing in mind that its development tracks. He said that Uhuru’s journey to State House will not be a walk in the park but he will make it. According to him, the president will get to state house with a limp because of unresolved issues,” the Standard Writer Reported.

From these quotes it is abundantly clear that Ngunyi is indeed deeply steeped in a tribalistic wishful thinking and speculation with seriously limited in-depth critical analysis of a professional based on realistic facts like conveniently forgetting the multi-billion shillings corruption scandals in which the Jubilee administration has been consistently embroiled including Ngunyi’s own involvement in the NYS saga.

      -additional reporting By Musa Radoli

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