EXCLUSIVE: President Uhuru Exposes Otuoma Jubilee Mole

Paul Otuoma (L) & Ababu Namwamba (R)










The long speculated supposition that the Funyula legislator Paul Otwoma was a Jubilee mole was officially confirmed this week by the boss of the Jubilee party himself President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to sources close to Uhuru, the Funyula legislator who is also a front-runner amongst the candidates gunning for the Busia County gubernatorial against the incumbent Sospeter Ojaamong in the August 8th, 2017 general elections became the President’s focus for support to be elected the Busia County governor during these elections.

The source said and quote verbatim: “The president is of the view that if Paul Otuoma is ready to support the cane farmer then he would urge the people of Busia for instance to vote for him so that Mumias sugar can be back on its feet again.” [wp_ad_camp_2]

Ironically President Kenyatta was speaking while on his way to Bungoma County after handing over a Kshs. 500 million shillings to sugarcane farmers contracted to supply the raw material to the financially crippled Mumias Sugar Company,  where he claimed that lack of good leadership had killed the sector.

During the Mumias meeting the President was also widely reported as urging the people of Western region to vote wisely come August 8thin order to elect visionary leaders who can protect and boost the production of the equally troubled sugar cane sector in the area which is also the sole economic backbone of the region.

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These revelations by President Kenyatta puts to rest speculation and supposition that go back several years when Otuoma who was then chairman of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and his Budalangi counterpart Ababu Namwamba the party’s Secretary General when bitter outcries erupted from a section of the party leaders and legislators of there being Jubilee moles in the party.

At the time Otuoma and Ababu were on the forefront of dismissing the allegations saying they were a mere creation of a section of ODM legislators and leaders who were not happy that the party’s leadership which had just exchanged hands had not gone their way, but ended up in the hands of individuals who were not – “The true owners” of the party.

Indeed matters came to a head with bitter acrimony erupting pitting Otuoma and Ababu and on the other side the head of the party leader Raila Odinga with the duo accusing the party leader of letting a clique of some party diehards to undermine their leadership while he supported the same clique’s activities of sabotage.

It was therefore the same matters erupted viciously into the public domain when Otuoma and Ababu quit their party positions as they threatened to move to other political parties that were yet to be disclosed as the political imbroglio within ODM continued breaking out by the day.

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Eventually the developments saw Ababu who was closely allied to the Deputy President William Ruto’s faction decamp threatening to give Kenyans a political bombshell that never was when he emerged with a previously unknown political outfit called the Labour Party of Kenya (LKP).

What has publicly emerged is the fact that the LPK that Ababu was dangling to the public was an outfit he had bought from a veteran woman politician from Otuoma’s backyard Prof. Julia Ojiambo after being heavily financed by highly placed Jubilee operatives to propagate the party’s interests in the former Western Kenya region – it was out rightly rejected.

These developments seemed to have consigned Ababu’s friend Otuoma into the political limbo of orphan hood, until when he was forced to swallow his pride and go back with hut in hand crying to be given a fair level ground with Ojaamong during the ODM primaries to pick the county’s flag bearer for the August 8th general elections.

Therefore it came as no surprise when he lost in the highly flawed and acrimonious elections that Otuoma off-handedly rejected a repeat of the exercise after the (ODM) party headquarters ordered a repeat of the primaries after acknowledging the fact there had been serious flaws and opted to contest as an independent candidate.

It brings in many questions why Jubilee’s gubernatorial candidate in Busia County Eng. Dan Barasa has since the start of the campaigns well before the party primaries has not been as aggressive on the ground as would be expected of knowing that selling that party in the county was an uphill battle, compared to Otuoma with the financial might exhibited – did Barasa know that the real candidate being supported by the party headquarters was none other than Otuoma?

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Indeed the other burning question is why President Kenyatta endorsed Otuoma for that seat instead of the Jubilee candidate Eng. Barasa or any of the other candidates contesting for the same on other political parties’ tickets?

Of all the other candidates in the four counties of the former Western province why did President Kenyatta singled out only Otuoma when Jubilee has other candidates Like Ken Lusaka in Bungoma after he defected to that party among others in Kakamega and Vihiga.[wp_ad_camp_2]

Therefore it directly shows why the Jubilee mole in the name of the opposition or independent candidate taking control of the border county instead of somebody who is known to be a dire hard of Raila Odinga and his family like Ojaamong.





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