Pakistan Court Revokes Ex-Ruler Pervez Musharraf’s Death Sentence


A High Court in the eastern city of Lahore ruled it “illegal” on Monday. “The filing of the complaint, the constitution of the court, the selection of the prosecution team are illegal, declared to be illegal … And at the end of the day the full judgment has been set aside,” said the prosecutor representing the government, Ishtiaq A. Khan.

“Yes, he is a free man. Right now there is no judgment against him any longer,” Khan added.

Musharraf’s lawyer, Azhar Siddique, also told media that the court in Lahore has “nullified everything”.

The prosecution now has the option to file a new case against Musharraf with the approval of the federal Cabinet. The treason trial – which began in 2013 and is just one of several involving Musharraf – centred on his decision to suspend the constitution and impose emergency rule in 2007.

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