OPINION: Jubilee Desperation And Greed For Power Dangerous Recipe For Disaster

William Ruto (L) & Uhuru Kenyatta

The fact that the Supreme Court ruling presided over by Chief Justice David Kenani Maraga ordering the repeat of the Presidential elections hammered a devastating blow to the top Jubilee hierarchy is now a matter that is in the public domain.

The fact that the worst hit by the ruling were President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto became immediately clear after they vent their un-bridled fury at the Judiciary with very abusive and un-printable words.

That is despite the fact that there were very clearly spelt out pieces of evidence leveled at the horrendous way in which the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) that triggered the majority decision by the Supreme Court ruling.

It goes without saying that the Jubilee fanatics including its leadership in their desperation to hang onto power completely forgot that constitutionally there are clearly three spelt out arms of the government whose mandates are clear and completely independent of each other in making decisions.

That is the Executive presided over by President Kenyatta himself, the Legislature presided over by the National Assembly and Senate and the Judiciary presided over by the Chief Justice who must not pander to the whims of the President just because he is a head of state – he is under the laws of the land.

Therefore, the un-warranted attacks on the Judiciary because of its learned decisions by some characters at state house and elected office through Jubilee just goes so far to show the state of sycophancy and desperation that these characters are suffering from.

The latest example is that exhibited recently by sentiments of Kipchumba Murkomen on a National TV, it clearly revealed that Uhuru is not ready to leave power just yet. He is ready to use electoral amendments before the October 26th election to retain power.

What is clear is the fact that the senator is drunk with the knowledge that Jubilee has the tyranny of numbers that it can unleash to mutilate that law to suit its whims even it goes totally contrary to the constitutional provisions.

Therefore completely forgetting that this nation is composed of more than 43 communities and not just the narrow two KAMATUSA and GEMA who delude themselves that they can cling to power forever without these other communities reacting and demanding for their constitutional rights – refusing to be manipulated and dominated as Murkomen thinks they can get away by mutilating the law.

The threat looks real especially after Murkomen hinting that they are waiting for Raila to commit an electoral offence, disqualify him and swear in Uhuru at Kasarani. The senator must know that such talk is not only dangerous, but reckless that can easily burn the country.

Indeed Kenya belongs to all of us not the majority nor minority, tall nor short, black nor brown, luhya nor kalenjins nor kikuyu’s alone but all of us. Because of narrow selfish interests and the need to maintain the status quo, it is highly unlikely that the likes of Murkomen will be able to manage an angry population which has for long felt cheated out of its rightful leader.

Unfortunately Murkomen seems to have joined the Mafia who does not understand what awaits them in case they try to force Uhuru on Kenyans. They believe that since they have the police, the army and the intelligence, they will be able to force him on Kenyans.

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