OPINION: I Cry For My Beloved Kenya

I Cry For My Beloved Kenya, The fierce urgency of Now!

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The 2017 elections are over and there seems to be nothing we can do to change the outcome, however much protests; or the killings the police carry out.

Stop the shooting of peaceful and all protesters, instead arrest the looting ones.

Well, I voted for Raila Odinga and I feel greatly at loss that he did not win.
The elections were peaceful, but the tallying of results were not free, fair, credible, nor transparent.

an understatement of the highest order.

Time will tell if Masai’s will continue accepting to be bought off the future (lands). Time will tell if the Turkana’s will accept the obvious rigged
systems that want all the oil profits to develop other areas other than their lands, time will tell if the celebrating Kalenjins will accept a rigged poll against their son Ruto in 2022.

Time will tell if the majority who are peaceful will continue watching as their fellow men are being slaughtered
without justice.

These are the problems Kenya faces, some are outlined in the many Commission reports i.e. Ndung’u land Report; Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Report (TJRC).

We are at a cross-road and the country will be ‘moving on’ The moving on is not quite true.

I cry for Turkana and all the Oil producing counties. The Jubilee dominated parliament will not
surely take care to give you the 10% oil revenue as you wanted.

It is foolish to think that they’ll
play against Mr. Kenyatta’s whims. You saw what the International Observers did to us, we are on our own, and the chief hawk, United States of America (USA), which always brings trouble
into oil-producing countries was well represented by John Kerry.

I cry for Ukambani especially the chiefs in Makueni. Now is the time you’ll know what hunger means. You’ll be sacked from your jobs as the president promised and in a government that is able to ‘win elections without your votes’ you can begin to imagine they’ll not be in a hurry to do development in that area.

Luos, the struggle for a better Kenya should cease. It is over. What you need to do is to rethink your stand and dream of seeing a better Kenya.

We should have an alliance of all the Luo Nyanza and some Western Kenya counties to work together to resist oppression.

By that we shall ensure that we can concentrate on our problems and find ways of solving them.

To the north eastern counties, you are on your own. The American war on terrorism is a big business and it targets you; you are on its cross-hairs. Fight for your own liberation, through your
own means, we don’t care.

To all Kenyans, the fight for credible and transparent electoral system is dead. What we need to fight for is bigger share of the revenues that should come into the counties.

When a leader becomes corrupt, he should be voted out in the next election or removed though any means,
including storming into their office.

It is clear that some are happy that
their shady candidates won even as others presented a clear indication that the elections were rigged.

Take heart, it is not about about Raila Odinga, but about the credibility of future elections.

I foresee a different Kenya in the future even without Raila Odinga. Because, if the protests continue for far too long it’ll no longer be protests, you will soon hear the calls for secession and then you shall remember that I told you that it’ll no longer be business as usual.

I pray that I don’t see Kenyans carrying guns during their protests in future. I don’t wish to see that day.
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NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official opinions or views of Angaza News


Lagaless is an introvert with a sharp mind for such easy subjects as Mole Concept (Chemistry). He fell in love with writing in Form 2. He has written a couple of unpublished, mindful, sad and sometimes crazy poems. He loves knowledge and delves in politics, mysticism and religion. The later being his first love now divorced from him. He is a student of Political Science and Public Administration.

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