Ojaamong To Sack Lazy And Corrupt County Officials

Sospeter Ojaamong

Today is the nineteenth day of August 2017 and the people of Busia County have less than 32 hours to witness the swearing in of Sospeter Odeke Ojaamong who will be serving his second and last term as the Governor of Busia. The inauguration shall take place this Monday the 21 st at the Busia Stadium.

After assuming office in 2013 as the first governor ever under the new dispensation things have not been rossy for him as he has created both friends and foes in equal measure.

The residents of Busia County shall now wait to see if governor Ojaamong will disapprove his critics who gave him sleepless nights by ensuring that all lazy and corrupt officials who contributed to his underperformance are shown the door and those ready to serve given the opportunity to do so.

He continued, ” I cannot be carrying the blame when a few rotten eggs continues to enjoy the space within us. Busia has good sons and daughters who are ready to work for the betterment of this County hence I won’t hesitate to sack all those lazy and corrupt officials”.

He at the same time reached out to his opponents including Doctor Paul Otuoma saying that they were all welcomed to join him in building Busia County and concede defeat instead of planting enmity amongst the people by preaching hatred.

He said his hands were open to receive each one of them. “For us to succeed we should bury our differences and join hands in making Busia a better place to live and invest”, Ojaamong said.

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