Ojaamong Orders Audit Of Cooperative Ministry

Governor Sospeter Ojaamong

There is need for the ministry of Cooperative to be audited to establish whether there were any form of malpractice Busia governor Sospeter Ojaamong has said.

Ojaamong issued the remarks following allegations brought to his attention by a Nairobi Business Man who claimed that he had lost over Ksh1million in a deal involving egg incubators.

It went on to say, “We build houses for generators, supplied incubation eggs, trained farmers for three months and did all the work as requested but our request for payment has been futile ever since.

It concludes by saying, “The officers who instructed us to do the work (Mr. Gregory Akide and Hillary Makhulu) advised us to pursue with the relevant ministry since they have moved out. We have evidence of work done and would gladly show you for action”.

Responding to a story carried exclusively by Angaza News under the header- Conspiracy By Busia County Officials To Fleece Nairobi Business Man and which appeared on 12th September 2017, Ojaamong said that his government was not going to tolerate any form of corruption adding that if found to have contravened any procurement rules and procedures the officials shall have to face full force of the law.

The Governor who was Speaking to this writer on phone warned that it will not be business as usual saying that all the new CeCs and Chief Officers will have to work in line with the code of conduct.

“I allowed my officers a free hand to execute their mandate without interference but some of them ended up abusing their powers thus need to have better ones who are ready to render services to the people of Busia without favour”, an angry sounding Ojaamong said.

When contacted for comments Makhulu and Akide had earlier denied any wrong doing however the Chief Officer had gone ahead to confirm that he did benefit from the deal and that the County Government owed Wakoli Ksh 890,000.

Akide also pointed an accusing finger to his former boss but on his part Makhulu  said that Akide should carry his own cross adding that there was need for thorough Audit since that could just be a tip of the iceberg.


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