Obiende Intesifies Battle Against Babu In Embakasi East

Joshua Obiende

The battle for the Embakasi East Constituency seat has taken a new dramatic twist as the University of Nairobi students who are residents in that constituency threw their weight behind the Amani National Congress (ANC) party candidate against that of his closest Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) candidate.

The new development is setting the battle field against two National Super Alliance candidates ANC’s Joshua Obiende against ODM’s Babu Owino who has a questionable background right from the University of Nairobi to the current business he is involved in right from Nairobi across the country and its borders (see separate stories posted earlier).

From these rallies Obiende was hospitalized first at Nairobi Hospital and the Coptic Hospital where he was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) unconscious for days before being released to the general wards where he was admitted for five days before being released on crutches.

He was admitted after being rushed there by the boda boda operators, his team of Supporters and good Samaritans who rushed him there after the Nairobi City County and Hospitals’ ambulances services failed to attend to him after he collapsed at Embakasi Social Hall under highly suspicious circumstances.

It has emerged that since then to date Kidero and Owino who was the master of ceremony at the events where the assassination attempt on Obiende was executed – have never gone to console him in and out of hospital nor even sent their reprtesentatives.

It is indeed from this background and Obiende’s fights for the land rights of Embakasi constituency residents that the university students endorsed Obiende for his contest for Embakasi East constituency seat

The students led by Rachael Achieng and James Oyieri said that they had arrived at the decision to endorse Obiende after a wide consultation among themselves within the wider population of the university in collaboration with those who are resident in the constituency.

Speaking to Angaza News at a Nairobi hotel the students some of whom have lived and brought up in Embakasi East say that it’s only Obiende who can change and improve the lives of the needy youths in the area most of whom have been forced to drop out of school due to lack of fees.

They accused Paul Ongili aka Babu Owino that he had misused many University students leading to most of them ending up on the streets of Nairobi as wasted paupers after exploiting them through his shady questionable business.

“Very soon we shall issue a comprehensive statement about Babu Owino that shall shock the entire Country”, Achieng said.

They also demanded that the national government investigates Babu whom they said was involved in dubious deals that if elected as Embakasi East MP the youths will have no future while he would benefit immensely from their failed future orchestrated and executed by Babu ruthlessly and systematically.


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