Nambale MP Mega Scandals Exposed


John Sakwa Bunyasi- Nambale MP
John Sakwa Bunyasi- Nambale MP

Double mega scandals have hit the Chairman of the Western Kenya Members of Parliament Caucus and the Member of Parliament for Nambale constituency John Sakwa Bunyasi over the constituency’s Development Fund (CDF) and a policeman’s wife.

The Auditor General Edward Ouko in his recent report indicted Bunyasi’s Nambale constituency CDF as having squandered over Ksh10 million shillings on projects that could not be accounted for and on whose Management Committee sits a policeman’s wife who is his lover.

Mwajuma Toloi- Nambale CDF Committee Member
Mwajuma Toloi- Nambale CDF Committee Member

The constituency was among the five constituencies from the former western province on the list of shame where billions of shillings released to the constituencies’ CDF coffers were squandered – pointing out that a majority of the legislators who were patrons to the fund in their respective constituencies had flooded the management of the fund by their cronies, relatives, friends and even lovers like the Nambale case with Bunyasi’s lover.

The woman Mwajuma Toloi was this week sent packing back to her parents’ home by her husband who is a regular police officer after he discovered that Mwajuma a mother of three is pregnant – pregnanted by Bunyasi who has been having a steamy overt love affair with the woman for several years.

It has since emerged that Mwajuma’s third born child was a direct product of her overt sexual escapades with Bunyasi but the matter was hashed to cover up the real truth of how she had acquired the pregnancy to try and save the marriage with the police officer.

However, this time round the husband who has been patiently monitoring the endless sexual escapades between his wife Mwajuma and Bunyasi as he abstained could not stomach it any longer when he confirmed that the woman was once again pregnant.

Mwajuma had completely ignored the husband’s, relatives’ and friends’ implorations to stop the steamy extra-marital sexual escapades she was enjoying with the Nambale constituency legislator to save her marriage for the sake of their children, but the implorations fell on deaf ears.

Angaza News has established that Bunyasi whenever he was in the constituency was consistently picking the woman from wherever she was and going to sleep out with her everyday he spent on the ground until the day of his departure from the constituency.

The immoral liaison between the duo seems to have begun well before the last general elections where Bunyasi who stood on a United Democratic Front (UDF) ticket manoeuvred and manipulated for Mwajuma to get a nomination clearance to vie for the Nambale Township Ward Busia County Assembly Representative from that party.

Ironically Mwajuma with Bunyasi’s support was able to contest for the same with her immediate neighbour Godfrey Odongo who was contesting the same and emerged the winner on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket.

It is abundantly clear that it was after Mwajuma lost to capture the Nambale Township ward seat that Bunyasi manipulated and muscled his way to get her to be a member of the constituency’s CDF Management Committee chaired by Mr. Ongaria.

Considering the recent revelations by the Auditor General concerning the missing funds from the Nambale constituency’s CDF coffers questions are now emerging whether Bunyasi was not using Mwajuma and other cronies he planted on the CDF management to raid the fund’s coffers? Whether the two were not just exploiting the CDF monies to finance their illegal and immoral sexual escapades in expensive hotels within and outside Busia County?

What has also emerged is the fact that whether Bunyasi was in Nairobi, Mombasa or any part of the country he only had to make a phone call to Mwajuma and she would be running to the nearest airport to take the next flight to take to where her illicit lover the Nambale constituency legislator had summoned her to go.

Then the questions arise whether they were not using the constituency’s CDF monies to pay for the air tickets, taxis and hotels for their escapades? How much have they squandered from the CDF coffers since the woman was installed on the Management Committee immediately Bunyasi became an MP of the constituency?

As the divorcing of Bunyasi’s lover by police husband went viral on the social media platforms, the legislator is reported to have used his cronies on the platform to persuade those who were posting not to write and post on the platforms the breaking news that he was behind the breaking of Mwajuma’s marriage with the policeman.

Efforts by his allies to persuade members of the platform not to post about the scandal goes a long way in confirming his involvement and desperate desire  to sweep the whole muck under the carpet considering the fact that the next general elections is just around the corner.

In a quick rejoinder Bunyasi who was together with the Busia governor Sospeter Ojaamon’g at a function told off critics who constantly rail at them for doing nothing since they took over leadership in 2013.
Speaking during Jamhuri Day celebrations held at Nambale Polytechnic on Monday 2016 the two leaders warned   County residents against being cheated by detractors who fault their development records.

The Governor said there are many projects which the County Government had initiated including solar powered boreholes, mass lights and roads and many others but critics pretend not have seen.
“Members of the County Assembly   from other counties are coming to Busia to benchmark to confirm we have made strides. My brothers who have nothing to tell about the county should just stop it”, said Ojaamon’g.

Ojaamong said the fronted National Super Alliance (NASA) was the only vehicle which opposition should use to send Jubilee home, adding that Jubilee Party had sidelined other areas in its development agenda.
Bunyasi told those opposed to what the County Government was doing to criticize on genuine issues and not fabricated ones.  “Instead of dismissing everything the Governor or MPs are doing our opponents should say what they want to better”, he said.

The MP dismissed the Auditor General’s report which he claimed   the Nambale CDF vehicle was missing despite records showing it had been bought. He paraded the green  GK vehicle for people to see.
” I am waiting my opponents next year.  Those who are fond of issuing criticisms  are not  mature for leadership. I am ready to face them head-on,” he said.





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