Mwala Residents See Light After Weeks in Darkness


Residents of Mwala town in Machakos County happy after electricity was restored in the region. The local businesses and households have been without power for more than a week since the only transformer serving the town blew and malfunctioned.

Courtesy of the intervention of the Mwala Makutano Member of County Assembly, Hon. Brian Kisila two new power generators were installed on Tuesday 9th May, 2020.

The KPLC staff also made a spot check on all faulty connections in the town whose business community had really suffered due to constant power outages which has greatly affected the development and reliability of the town.

“On Tuesday together with KPLC team we managed to replace the transformer which was faulty in Mwala town with a brand new one and also added an additional one near Mwala Posta so that the other one is not overloaded”, Hon. Kisila said.

He added, “We also cleared all the trees which were obstructing the lines and causing transformers blow. My plan is to improve the infrastructure of this town so that it can start competing with other towns like Masii and Matuu.”

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Hon. Kisila has been credited with massive development in Mwala Sub County surpassing his predecessors in just two years that he has been in office.

Hon. Kisila who is also the Minority Leader in Machakos County Assembly is also credited with restoring hope in the area which had seen great neglect from successive office bearers in the past.


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