MPs Now Accuse Agriculture CS For Manufacturing The Maize Crisis

Members of parliament are now calling on the Agriculture CS Willy Bett to take responsibility and step aside for what they termed to as misleading Parliament and the country about the maize shortage that is being experienced.

Agriculture CS Willy Bett
Through the Agriculture committee, the MPs said that in mid January this year, Bett said that there was enough maize that was enough to feed the country for the next five months, if the current drought situation persisted wondering where the said maize had disappeared to.
They said that when the CS appeared before the house committee he also revealed that the country had 21million bags of maize which he said that coupled with other grains like beans and rice, it could take the country up to June this year if the situation remained constant.
It now raises many questions than answers as to what may have happened since its now clear that the said maize is now missing and that Kenyans are being forced to buy a 2kg packet of flour at Ksh160 up from Ksh110 in January when the CS had assured the country that his ministry had enough to feed the country to June.

The MPs now accuse the CS for manufacturing the crisis so that some cartels can make money by importing the maize to enable some of them fund their campaigns something that Bett refuted saying that the matter should not be politicized.
During the meeting with the MPs ,Bett also said the government had targeted to buy two million bags from farmers by the end of January to increase the government reserve. He said, the government had bought 1.4 million bags of 90 kilogrammes each.
“The challenge we have now is that farmers are hoarding maize. I believe the price of Sh3, 000 a bag the government is offering is fair enough,” he was quoted saying.

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