Meso Leads Busia Professionals in Deadly Siege to Oust Governor Ojaamong’

The professional and financial might of Busia County has consolidated itself to bundle out the scandal ridden current Governor Sospeter Ojaamong who is still facing serious corruption issues with the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

The professionals are led by Mr. Lucas Meso the Managing Director Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC), Eng. Barasa the immediate former Managing Director of the National Irrigation Board (NIB), Eng Vincent Sidai from Ojaamong’s own Teso south constituency and who nearly defeated him at the last general elections, Dr. Paul Otuoma ODM national Vice Chair and Funyula MP.

The two professionals leading the pack are Mr. Meso and Eng Barasa as the ODM hopefuls including the governor who is desperately bankindNz7-CRdg on his close association with the party leader Raila Odinga and the huge monies he has fleeced from the county government coffers to survive tear at each other’s’ throats to be the party flag bearers at the nomination level.

They (professionals) have vowed to bring back the county to governance and administrative sanity and it save from the corrupt, tribalistic rot and decay into which it has been consigned in the last three years under the administration of the incumbent whose main interest is women and personal wealth.


Mr. Meso and his fellow professionals are highly qualified professional personalities leading multi-billion shillings national corporations compared to the incumbent a Kenyatta University Education degree graduate without any governance, managerial, and administrative skills and experience to manage a county but banking on the billions he has made fleecing the county, imported voters from Uganda and finally the sympathy of the tribal card.

The professionals say that the situation on the ground is so bad to the extent that the sitting governor has failed to tarmac any single inch of road in Busia town leave alone the tattered three metre stretch from the Busia – Kisumu highway right into his office at the county headquarters.

The primitive and mediocre way in which the county has been administered since the governorship was given to Ojaamong on a silver platter has not only disenfranchised and annoyed the professionals but also the local residents apart from a clique of a few Ojaamong cronies who are swimming in his cash to splash in local drinking sprees while development projects are consigned to the dogs and poverty entrenched deeper.

These developments are erupting when within ODM itself alone the fight for the Busia County Governorship to remove the incumbent Sospeter Ojaamong has reached fever pitch completely ripping the leadership of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) sharply in the middle – but mostly isolating Ojaamong with a few cronies attracted by his recently questionably acquired wealth.

The county which was once seen as an ODM zone during the last general elections that saw the emergence of Senator Amos Wako who single handedly carried that party’s campaign financial burden, Ojaamong who is now constantly embroiled in endless scandals, its national secretary general Ababu Namwamba (Budalangi), and Vice Chair Paul Otuoma (Funyula).

The others of ODM are the County Women Rep Florence Mutua, Geoffrey Odanga (Matayos), Michael Onyura (Butula) and a majority of the county’s Members of the County Assemblies from the seven sub-counties.

However, although Ojaamong manipulated Mary Emase the legislator for Teso South and Arthur Odera her Teso North counterpart to be denied ODM nominations to fight for these seats at the last general elections – they decamped to the hitherto unknown United Republican Party (URP) to emerge winners beating Ojaamong’s choices in ODM with landslide margins.

All these were in the so perceived Ojaamong stronghold among the Teso community most of who have fared worse during his tenure but he has vowed that just like his Uncles from the Luhyia community – “they are all just like chicken that he is going to buy by throwing at them a few morsels of millet, maize and sorghum and they will be fighting each other over the morsels to vote him back.”

The entire ODM machinery in Busia County alone is determined to get rid of the incumbent who appears to have perfected his arrogance, disdain and over confidence that he is going to beat them all at whatever cost and that is why he is reportedly massively importing Ugandans to come and register in Kenya as voters – particularly from Uganda’s Teso community.

What is emerging is the fact that unless ODM puts its act together even as its county big shots are busy strategizing, Busia is one county that may end up voting extremely strongly for personalities rather than a tattered baseless party.

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