Medical Equipments At Lwanyange Dispensary Worth Millions Abandoned To Rot And Decay

Expensive Hospital equipment and properties worth more than Kshs. 10 million meant for Lwanyange Dispensary in Nambale Sub-county of Busia District have been abandoned to rot since 2013 when they were delivered.

The Abandoned Equipments At Lwanyange Dispensary

Since they were delivered by an American Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to boost services to patients going to the dispensary, they were bundled in a store at the dispensary and abandoned to rot while others are surreptitiously being stolen by some local residents.

When Angaza News visited the dispensary we found the valuable equipment that is remaining decaying and rotting without a care from the local officials in charge of the facility who were supposed to take care of them.

Inquiries from the local CDF office which constructed the facility confirmed that they had visited it and instructed the officials in charge to either ensure that the equipment were properly used or if they could not be used at the facility be transferred to the Sub-County health center at Nambale.

A CDF official said: “I am shocked to learn that our directives were not followed. It is true these medical equipment and materials were donated by an American NGO to the facility, but since it was delivered it has never been used.”

He said such negligence and wanton destruction of valuable property cannot be tolerated since it was most likely to have devastating consequences on donor support considering the fact that the area is one of those with high poverty levels.

Ironically as these valuable medical properties are being left to decay and rot, many other medical facilities scattered all over Busia County are in dire need of the very same equipment which they cannot afford to buy.

At the same time the county government has not been able to supply them to the facilities because alleged financial constraints.

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