Ababu Namwamba and President Uhuru Kenyatta In Busia

A section of the Labour Party of Kenya (LPK) members have distanced themselves from the recent Busia declaration by their Party Leader Ababu Namwamba that he would support President Kenyatta and Jubilee Party.

The members termed it as a roadside declaration saying they were not ready to dance to Ababu’s hymns adding that Ababu was a self seeker who was only out to satisfy his own selfish interests.

“Political symbolism cannot be ignored. Ababu’s Busia declaration was his own sentiments and not the parties stand” said one member who did not want to be mentioned for fear of victimization.

The furious members said that so far party delegates have not met to declare LPK public display of affection for Jubilee party or its leaders.

It will therefore be remembered that allegations as to whether Mr. Namwamba purchased the LPK from Prof.Ojiambo at Kshs. 20 million out of the Ksh 280 million deal between him and Jubilee are still fresh into the minds of the Western People and Kenya in general.

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