Keep Off Me Or I Spill The Beans Prof Odebero Warns Busia Governor

The war of words between Busia governor Sospeter Ojamong and the County Education Board Chairman Prof. Stephen Odebero seems to have taken a different dimension after the Professor hit back at Mr. Ojamong warning that he would spill the beans if  pushed further.

At the beginning of the year Ojaamong had come out guns blazing after Busia Professionals Association chaired by Prof. Odebero released County opinion polls late last year rating his opponent as number one.

From the polls Engineer Vincent Sidai was given 35.1 percent approval rating, compared to Ojaamong’s 28.4 percent hence putting him as the preferred candidate to succeed Ojamong the in this year’s election.

The govenor did not mince his words when he said that he was disappointed that Prof Odebero had abandoned his duties as the County Education Board chairman to engage in dirty politics.

“Education standards are plummeting under the professor’s watch who had failed to deliver in his mandate. I expect universities in Busia¬†and KMTCs to avert the shortage of teachers and medics, but the Professor has now been relegated to opinion polls.” Ojaamong said.

And while addressing Busia Professionals Association, a visibly annoyed Prof Odebero said ” I am disappointed that the governor has taken it upon himself to malign my name using the media.”

He continued, “Since when has the responsibility to construct universities been my mandate as CEB chair. When pushed to the wall, I will spill the beans. Watch this space”

The Masinde Muliro University Don added that has never discussed with Engineer Sidai about being his running mate wondering why he was being targeted by the governor.

“If the opinion poll was done by Busia Professional Association why is Ojaamong targeting me as the chair of the association by the governor?” He asked.

With the elections coming up in August it remains to be seen whether Odebero will soon join the murky political waters or if indeed he will spill the beans if any as said.

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