OPINION: Justice Brings Peace: Jubilee Violence Against Our Soul As A Country


Chief Justice David Kenani Maraga

After the decision by Justice David Kenani Maraga declaring the presidential election invalid, null and void, people in most parts of Kenya celebrated and in some places there were pictures of police in uniform celebrating together with the common man.

I bet that took the western countries and their stooges by surprise because; as it has been told to them throughout many months, is that Raila Odinga is a man who loves violence and that Kenya
would burn if he takes over the presidency.

That diabolic charm offensive was done through social media platforms, websites and advertisement targeting the who is who of the western world.

That company through its data-driven behavioral change mechanism was able to collect lots of data about Kenyans using the social media platform posts and used it effectively to change your
perception most of the time.

What they succeeded in doing so well, was and still is to tell you that despite having only the support from two tribes Uhuru Kenyatta is able to defeat Raila Odinga.

Most of you took that lie, hook, line and sinker. But let’s be clear. Kenyans are a difficult lot.

I remember as a marketer, some of our clients often complained about the ‘difficult’ nature of Kenyans.

I think Cambridge Analytica, who are used to winning in other countries such as Election of Donald Trump as US president and the BreXit vote in the United Kingdom, found a match in Kenyans.

Kenyans are difficult to sway. So Cambridge Analytica trained its guns on the Western leaders and its populace, it managed to convince them to support the corrupt Uhuru Kenyatta and in turn the corrupt Jubilee government offered them bribes in form of contracts and other goodies (we shall know in due
time) The above is the reason as to why the western backed observers and some African democratic ( or should we say – Tumbocratic) con artists such as Thabo Mbeki and John Mahama, both former
presidents of their respective nations, South Africa and Ghana respectively, were quick to say the elections were free and fair.

Now. The verdict on the elections delivered by the Supreme Court, is sure to make things different. Am very sure, most of the elections observers would wish that the ground open and
swallow them.

Cambridge Analytica on the other hand has been caught flat-footed and ‘who would run such a shameful campaign against Raila portraying him as violent war-monger and yet the truth is out there for all to see?

The truth being that after the verdict by the Supreme Court, Kenya was peaceful. It can only mean one thing, Justice had been served.

Justice brings Peace and any sane western country should be convinced that Cambridge Analytica lied about Raila Odinga, (remember New York Times called him perennial looser?),
unless they (western Countries) still want to stick to their loot and promises of ‘oil’ loot by the Kenyattas.

What we are likely to see in the coming future is this: either the western powers will stick with Uhuru in the October 2017 elections despite him rigging and burn this country or they will stay
away and let Kenyan sort out their problems.

Either way, Kenya will pass through a difficult time but will sure see a Raila Odinga presidency. Brace yourselves for a fight.
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Lagaless is an introvert with a sharp mind for such easy subjects as Mole Concept (Chemistry). He fell in love with writing in Form 2. He has written a couple of unpublished, mindful, sad and sometimes crazy poems. He loves knowledge and delves in politics, mysticism and religion. The later being his first love now divorced from him. He is a student of Political Science and Public Administration.

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