Irate Residents Humiliate Area MP Simba Arati Before Raila Odinga

Dagorreti North MP Simba Arati

A powerful political storm of resentment has erupted in the Dagoreti North Constituency and squarely exploded in the area Member of Parliament, Simba Arati’s face triggered by his style of leadership.

The resentment which appears to have been brewing for some time but had found no room for ventilation to explode did so recently right at the heart of the constituency to the Orange Democratic Movement’s (ODM) legislator in broad daylight.

The worst aspect of the incident is the fact that it exploded in the legislator’s face when he accompanied the ODM and Cord leader who was touring the area to Marshall the residents to register as voters massively before the exercise elapses.

When Raila visited the area on Tuesday the second day of the voter registration campaign Arati who had accompanied him was not allowed to speak as he was booed by irate Members of the Public who almost roughed him up before his party leader.

He has also been accused of using a private foundation called Queen Simba Care Foundation which is apparently named after his daughter to enrich himself but completely ignoring the development interests of the people who voted him into parliament at the last general elections when that constituency was divided into two.

The Dagoreti North revealed before ODM leader Odinga that Simba Arati hoodwinked them and forced residents to register as members of the Foundation with Kshs. 1000 each before they could access services like bursaries including other promised false golden opportunities.

The worst hit of Arati’s constituents are those living in Kawangware who voted for him overwhelmingly, but instead appear to have been conned of their hard earned monies amongst a host of other grievances that erupted out on that fateful day.

The fired residents hurled salvos after salvos of fire at the hapless Arati accusing him of allegedly favoring people from his Kisii tribe who reside in the area through helping them to acquire motor cycles to operate as boda bodas but completely sidelining the people from the Luhyia Community who are the largest in numbers that saw the MP into parliament.

Instead they charged that the MP gave those from the Luhyia Community hard carts (Mikokoteni) to use for hawking sugarcane on the streets of the constituency for the residents to chew – most which is usually transported over long distances from Kisii to Nairobi for sale.

They said the legislator was using his position as the MP of the area to hatch-up and execute schemes that benefited him both directly and indirectly without focusing on the development needs of the area including addressing massive challenges facing the voters of the constituency.

The aggrieved residents gave an example of a recent incident in which Simba Arati allegedly hired youths from the constituency to rough up an opposition opponent who was allegedly harboring the interest of standing against him on an ODM ticket called Elphas Nganyi who has since changed his mind to try it in Mumias Sub-County.

This development has resulted in the emergence of yet another competitor against Arati on an ODM ticket for the same constituency’s Parliamentary seat Albert Akiru Ekodoi apparently originally from Busia County to give Arati a run for his money right from the party nominations levels in preparation for this year’s general elections.


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