Garissa Residents Endorse Aden Duale’s Removal as Majority Leader in Parliament


With the dust almost settling after a turbulent day for former Majority leader in the national assembly Aden Duale after his removal from the lucrative Position, residents from his home turf in Garissa county have emerged to give their opinion on their representative’s tribulations.

Taking to various social media pages, a vast majority of the residents seemingly endorsed the decision by president Uhuru Kenyatta and the Jubilee Party for expelling him from the position citing lack of delivery of development projects in his Garissa region.

Another section of residents pointed out his controversial stand on the Juba and Somaliland conflicts that has gone against the residents’ wishes by opposing the Jubaland’s adminstration. This they say, is despite serving as majority Leader in parliament for a very long time.

Here are some of the sampled responses from the residents.

Hazachow Toppaz: A Purge of the ruling class was absolutely necessary. The mobilizer of removal Mr Kega thank you. Mr Uhuru, job well done

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Amos Amoh: Question, how did Somali people benefit from Aden Duale’s post of majority leader? That was a personal post 

Mohamed Ayan: A section of Somalis are celebrating his downfall because of the extreme injustices he was doing through state power. Extreme power corrupts the mind

Abdisadik Ahmed: Garissa is not dead but Duale is gone and deserves


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