Former PA To Chris Okemo Turns Into A Political Mercenary

Peter Odima




The dirty and deadly wicked political manipulations and skullduggery that have been the hall mark of the former personal assistant of former cabinet minister Chris Okemo Peter Khasamule Odima exploded last weekend in Busia County.

That is following highly questionable circumstances under which Odima last week filed a petition in the Busia high court challenging the re-election of the Busia County Governor Sospeter Ojaamong into office on behalf of his closest competitor Paul Otuoma.

It has since emerged that just a day before filing the petition, Odima who had defected to Otuoma’s camp after being sacked from the county government for gross misconduct and abuse of office called Ojaamong begging for reconciliation and consideration by the governor to give him a job in his second term administration.

Odima reportedly told Ojaamong on phone: “Your Excellency though I was your bitter opponent campaigning to defeat you from office, I humbly come back to you requesting that we bury the hatchet of the past and work together, I need your help to get a job in your government.”

Ojaamong with his usual ready laughter promised to take care of the matter once he was fully back in office and everything fully operational.

However, hardly 24 hours later he was shocked when he went to his office at the Busia County headquarters only to find a copy of the petition filed by Odima on behalf of Otuoma served to him waiting for him on his desk.

Ojaamong could not believe that the same man who was begging for a job from him only 24 hours earlier had actually been plotting to stab him in the back with a very expensive litigation like a petition.

It must not be forgotten that after the 2013 general elections, where Odima was paid to campaign for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) in Busia, particularly for Senator Amos Wako, he was abandoned to rot in limbo without a job and penniless for nearly two years.

It was not until when Ojaamong took sympathy on him and created an office for a Director of Resource Mobilization to salvage Odima, but instead Odima used the same office to undermine Ojamong to satisfy his greedy personal interests that led to his dismissal.

It was from this background that when the run-up to the last general elections exploded on us last year, Odima being the political opportunist vulture quickly jumped into the camp of Ojaamong’s fiercest former Funyula legislator Paul Otuoma.

Though for the first time he tried his hand for an elective office to the Legislative Assembly to represent Nambale constituency during the last general elections on an ODM ticket he flopped dismally at the party primaries before centering his energies to campaign for Otuoma’s gubernatorial bid fat the latter also flopped at the primaries before picking to vie as an independent candidate.

What has clearly emerged is the fact that Odima is a deadly greedy political mercenary for hire to the highest bidder and will be laughing and eating with you when he is actually coldly plotting to finish you both politically and socially.

Perhaps the best victim of Odima’s deadly skullduggery and mercenary business is his former boss Chris Okemo who fished him out of a classroom in some dingy secondary school in Muranga County where he was teaching to national limelight as his personal assistant in the ministries of finance and energy.

Despite the fact that Okemo brought him out of obscurity to national limelight where he totally trusted and had faith in Odima, the latter was coldly plotting on how to deal him a deadly blow so that eventually he takes over the Nambale constituency’s legislative slot.

However, this was not to be with the emergence of a totally new political landscape of elective positions under the new constitutional dispensation which saw John Bunyasi take that slot in 2013 and also 2017 thus effectively locking out Odima’s dreams for that seat for the moment.

However, the real question here is the fact that Odima abused Okemo’s trust and influence to feed his insatiable greed that saw him successfully manipulate himself to secure two permanent jobs with the Kenya Power and Lighting Company and the Parliamentary Service Commission.

He reportedly summoned Odima and ordered him to relinquish one of the jobs immediately since it was illegal, but Odima declined forcing Okemo to use his influence to terminate his name from the PSC, but even by then Odima had already hammered a deadly dagger in Okemo’s back.

It is alleged that he had already secretly gone to the then Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC) a precursor of the current Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) with highly incriminating documents linking Okemo to money laundering for which Okemo is still fighting extradition to face the law in New Jersey.

At the moment Odima appears cozy and indispensable in Otuoma’s camp to the level of bragging to the media that he is the one who advised Otuoma to announce his defection to support Jubilee Presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta during the forthcoming re-peat elections but for how long will this be before he hammers a political fatal blow in Otuoma’s back?

What is clear is the fact that he is trying all manipulative tactics possible to stay relevant in the county’s political dispensation hence filing the petition against Ojaamong on behalf of Otuoma who has too many cronies who could have done that for him.

Even hardly a week after filing the petition which was actually drafted by a lawyer for Otuoma and Odima’s names only up-ended, many of his listed witnesses are already threatening to pull out altogether after realizing that Odima was only using them to satisfy his personal interests.

They fear that the former Personal Assistant is only out to make money from Otuoma through them and then dump them un-ceremoniously because over the year’s though Odima claims to be saved he has consistently built the notoriety not only short-changing even very close friends but also scuttling their deals or manipulating them into his favour.

It is from this background that many of the witnesses have realized they are dealing with a smoothly sleek operative who is a deadly predatory mercenary who will qualm at nothing to quash you out like a mosquito.

It has also emerged that the move to support Jubilee in the forthcoming Presidential re-elections campaigns is merely a blatant move to cash in on Jubilee’s campaign kitty since there will be no such opportunity for them from the NASA bandwagon.

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