Abrasive Otuoma Knocked Out By Ojaamong

The abrasive Funyula legislator and former Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) chair Paul Otuoma was effectively ‘tuomad’ (knocked out) by the Busia County Governor Sospeter Ojaamong in this year’s August 8th, general elections.

Ojaamong (C) receives his Certificate



As Angaza News had predicted last week, Otuoma who was fighting to wrest the county’s gubernatorial seat this time round yet again got his match in Ojaamong who has twice proved not to be an easy push-over like former Vice President Moody Awori.

In the hotly contested race for the seat Ojaamong clobbered Otuoma and other contestants after bagging a total vote count of 135, 153, from all the seven sub-counties of Busia while his closest contestant Otuoma managed 225, 905 from the same geographical range.

Ojaamong was defending his seat on an ODM ticked after trouncing Otuoma in the party’s primaries forcing the latter to continue fighting it out in a huff at the just concluded general elections as an independent candidate.

However, predictably just like during the ODM primaries Otuoma bluntly and abrasively refused to accept the voters’ verdict that he had been defeated when the results were announced well before one o’clock Thursday August 10th and demanded for a recount.

The slow and tedious process continued the entire Thursday afternoon through the evening into the night after nine PM when Ojaamong was declared winner amid wild screams, ululations and song in jubilation with his wild supporters chanting OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ ‘Tano Tena’ (OJ for second term).

The first time Otuoma attempted to oust Ojaamong from office was when the governor had been in office hardly a year after he won the seat during the 2013 general elections when he sponsored Members of the County Assembly to table an impeachment motion against the governor.

However, Ojaamong quickly countered by consolidating his muscle and countering Otuoma’s move by manipulating some of the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) and marshaling them to his side to effectively neutralize the move.

Right from that time the stage was already set already set for a highly acrimonious battle engineered by Otuoma who constantly and every opportunity accused Ojaamong of all manner of evil deeds but nothing good about his performance as county boss completely forgetting his own wanting performance in his home constituency Funyula.

What has already clearly emerged is the fact that Otuoma went to battle totally and completely ignoring the fact that his own home was burning and the highly explosive fires desperately needed urgent quenching or snuffing out.

The Problem begun right from some members of his own immediate family who had fallen out with him because of his own failures to effectively deal with some critical issues concerning the family as a leader and therefore went out full blast to campaign against him.

The situation was bad to the extend that Otuoma was at complete loggerheads with the constituency’s elect Member of Parliament Mr. Mudenyo who is going to replace him as he supported some of his rivals who eventually lost the polls.

Though he had managed to gain fairly significant support from the other sub-counties through his abrasive populist politicking including wild and reckless public splashing of cash to those attending his campaign rallies and events, Otuoma had already stabbed himself in the back at home.

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