Ababu Confirms That He Was A Jubilee Mole in ODM

At long last the eloquent Labour Party of Kenya (LPK) Leader and Budalangi legislator Ababu Namwamba has exposed and confirmed himself that he was indeed a jubilee mole in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Ababu Namwamba-LPK Leader

There was no better and clearer way of publicly exposing and confirming these accusations when he paraded himself last Friday before the Jubilee leader President Uhuru Kenyatta when he received Jubilee affiliate political parties at state house Nairobi.

Completely resplendent in the flashy LPK colours, the flamboyant Budalangi legislator declared before the blazing television camera’s his support and LPK’s support for President Kenyatta’s re-election as President  as Jubilee’s presidential flag bearer.

He was of course accompanied by the top brass of the party which has since Namwamba took over its leadership from Prof. Julia Ojiambo publicly denied any affiliation with the ruling party that it was once a coalition of Deputy President William Ruto’s United Republican Party and Uhuru’s The National Alliance Party (TNA).

It all begun a few years ago when there was heavy jostling for the ODM party’s top national positions for which Namwamba eventually clinched that of the Secretary General while his Funyula counterpart Paul Otuoma clinched that of chairmanship.

Namwamba’s opponents started accusing him of being a Jubilee mole within the ODM, but he persistently vehemently denied the accusations both in private and publicly accusing his detractors of trying to destroy his political career.

According to the party’s internal sources, the accusations became and resulting friction became so intense that it forced the party leader Raila Odinga to intervene in the matter to quell things down before Namwamba could settle properly at the party’s helm.

However, the suspicions and distrust continued boiling quietly but viciously until when they erupted last year when Namwamba went ballistic and publicly started firing vicious accusations against Odinga and the forces that were reportedly “really in control” of the party.

In the resulting quagmire it must be remembered that the legislator who chairman and highly outspoken boss of the powerful Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) was unceremoniously bundled out of that position with virtually the committee’s entire membership because of alleged high corruption.

Before the end of last year he had acrimoniously quit the party’s Secretary General Position and membership in a huff with a lot of guarded and mischievous utterances on where he was headed next to chart his political career.

That was to the extent of hoodwinking Kenyans that his ultimate ambition was to gun for the country’s presidency while at the same time there was a clear fallout with his Funyula colleague Otuoma who had also quit his ODM national position speaking the same language with Ababu.

However, as the fallout between the duo became public, Otuoma backtracked and instead of quitting the party as threatened went full blast to mend fences with Odinga, the main issue being the party leader to keep off interfering in the ODM nominations for the Busia County governorship where he was and is still hell bent to wrestle that seat from the incumbent Sospeter Ojaamong.

With the fallout un-confirmed reports that Namwamba had been paid handsomely by DP Ruto for him to jointly with Otuoma to purchase LPK whose owner Prof. Ojiambo hails from the same Funyula constituency where she was once an MP so that they could use it as their vehicle to further their political careers.

With his entry into that party, the country’s political pundits immediately predicted that it was a Jubilee outfit disguised as an independent little known political party on the country’s national political scenario.

Indeed as expected Namwamba came out fiercely denying that he not received any single cent from Ruto and nor was LPK in any way connected to the ruling Jubilee party. However, with the emergence of the National Super Alliance (NASA) matters became abundantly clear that this non-entity was averse to joining this outfit.

The fact remains that many times in the course of this year and the run-up to the end of last year, he and the LPK chairperson Prof. Ojiambo have been quoted publicly denying having any affiliation or association with the Jubilee coalition maintaining that the party will remain independent of either NASA or Jubilee.

What emerged on Friday May 19th, 2017 was only a public confirmation where Namwamba’s loyalties have been lying all these years despite the persistent public denials to the contrary. This also brings into question the legislator’s denials of accusations that he had received hefty amounts of cash from the Deputy President that eventually led to his fallout with his erstwhile bosom friend Paul Otuoma.

Though he also vehemently denied on many occasions accusations leveled against him about corrupt activities when he was the boss of the Public Accounts Committee before he was bundled out, the recent developments bring into question the honesty and integrity of these denials.

It also brings into question the sources the colossal financial resources required to build his palatial multi-billion shillings homes in Budalangi and in Karen Nairobi considering the Members of Parliaments’ incomes and their indebtedness to a myriad of commercial financial institutions in the country.

Ironically the man he ousted as Budalangi MP to represent that constituency in Parliament Raphael Wanjala who had been completely swallowed by Jubilee a few months before the messy political parties primaries defected from that outfit to ODM to try and recapture that seat from Namwamba whose political fortunes have apparently dwindled on the ground for associating with Jubilee.

Interestingly despite having more than three opponents gunning for the ODM certificate for that constituency’s parliamentary seat, Wanjala was able to win in readiness to face it out with Namwamba during the August 8th general elections.

However, the emerging most critical questions are whether Wanjala has replaced Namwamba as a Jubilee mole in ODM? The other is that in case he is able to recapture that seat, will he be serving the ODM or Jubilee interests in parliament? That is not forgetting that the Jubilee administration had indeed given him a senior job in one of the state corporations where he resigned to rush into ODM.

The story does not end there since Otuoma who fell out with Namwamba in a scheme in which Jubilee’s hand was obviously involved  is still being haunted by taints that might have or not rubbed off on him from the ruling party.

This became clearly evident during the April ODM primaries in Busia County as he battled it out with Ojaamong splashing huge amounts of money in virtually all political rallies prior to the exercise to large crowds of members of the public who turned out for them.

This state of affairs was eventually crowned by people suspected to be Ojaamong’s supporters manufacturing headline news and illegally fixing on some issues of the Daily Nation and distributing it for sale in the county that Otuoma had defected to Jubilee.

In the ensuing fierce exchanges between the two opponents Ojaamong went public accusing his most threatening competitor of being a Jubilee mole and having splashed huge amounts of cash given to him by high level Jubilee administration operatives.

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